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Keys to Building & Strengthening Workplace Relationships On-Site Training

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Perfecting Your Interpersonal Effectiveness

Course Description/Agenda

You see it all the time. Every organization has at least one or two people who seem to know and work well with everyone. They get things done faster, more efficiently, and seemingly with less stress. And they do it with a natural ability that leaves the rest of us wondering how they do it. What’s the secret to their success? The ability to build and maintain workplace relationships.
Fortunately, the art of building and maintaining positive relationships can be learned. That’s why we’ve developed the most comprehensive and innovative workshop to help you do just that: Keys to Building & Strengthening Workplace Relationships – a two-day workshop guaranteed to change the way you work with others, forever.

What You'll Learn:

Increase Your Power to Impact Your Professional and Personal Success
Top executives will tell you time and again that the most important skill they have is the ability to forge relationships with people. But that’s no easy task. It’s time-consuming, frustrating, and stressful. At this powerful new workshop, you’ll learn how to make and keep a good and lasting impression on others, how to manage conflict, and how to work with difficult people. In short, you can drastically reduce the angst that comes with building relationships in just two days.

Deal With Conflict & Other Tough Situations With More Confidence & Control
Whenever you get more than two people working together, conflict is bound to arise. And if you’re like most of us, you know that conflict can halt productivity, sour relationships, and sabotage careers. You’ll learn how to work through tough conflict situations, quickly defuse explosive situations, and ensure that everyone walks away a winner.

Get Faster, Better Results From Others More Easily and With Less Stress
More often than not, your ability to get things done depends on what you get from others. And what you think is a top priority is often at the bottom of the list for others. When you learn the art of developing relationships, you’ll work better with others and in turn, get more out of them and more out of yourself.

Who Should Attend?
Successful business professionals

Workshop Agenda:

Building Positive Workplace Relationships: Your Key to Success

  • Understanding the importance of people skills and how they affect your job
  • Determining your interpersonal strengths and weaknesses: how you work with people
  • Analyzing your interpersonal behavior and what it’s telling you
  • Evaluating common behavior styles and how to communicate with each to get what you want
  • Why communication is such a big deal in effective workplace relationships
  • Activity: Self Profile and analysis

Making – and Keeping – a Favorable Impression on Others

  • How your interpersonal skills affect others – and what you can do about them
  • Making a strong first impression: introducing yourself and meeting others
  • Establishing rapport: making others feel valued
  • Building win-win relationships with employees, peers, and superiors
  • When people skills go bad: top mistakes that can sour any relationship

Create an Environment That Fosters Excellent Communication

  • Words and phrases that you should avoid – and what to say instead
  • The communication breakdown: where it happens and how to stop it
  • Verbal vs. nonverbal: how each impacts communication and your message
  • How to avoid sending contradictory and confusing messages
  • Avoiding common “speak now, apologize later” situations
  • Creating a connection when you aren’t face-to-face
  • Activity: Analyze common barriers to effective communication and their solutions

Using Listening Skills to Your Advantage

  • Why listening skills are crucial for building solid relationships
  • Understanding the fundamentals of active listening
  • How to make people feel “heard” by using reflective listening and responding
  • Silence is golden: using “attentive silence” so the speaker can think, feel, and act
  • What to do when the person you’re listening to just won’t stop talking
  • Activity: Test your listening skills with interactive audio clips

Building Bridges Across Your Organization

  • Overcoming the challenges of communicating across generations
  • The secrets to building relationships in a multicultural workforce
  • Crossing the divide: working effectively with other departments
  • Forging bonds with those whose work and communication styles are different from your own
  • Overcome negativity in the workplace – and stop it from spreading
  • Activity: Group discussion: Boosting morale and productivity in culturally diverse workplaces

Calm, Cool, and Collected: Strategies for Managing Conflict

  • Finding the source of the problem
  • Tips for keeping your emotions in check
  • Strategies for defusing others’ emotions
  • The 3-step process for working through conflict
  • How to ensure that everyone walks away a winner – and why it’s vital for solid workplace relationships
  • Activity: What would you do? Video clips and analysis

Working With Difficult People and Other Tough Situations

  • Getting through to their psyches: why difficult people are difficult
  • Understanding how your behaviors and attitudes impact others
  • Strategies for quickly defusing explosive situations
  • Tips for giving and receiving criticism and still getting positive results
  • Finding the right words: scripts you can use in tough situations
  • Creating a foundation for getting positive outcomes no matter the situation
  • Activity: In the line-up: understanding difficult personality types and how to forge positive relationships with each.

Keys to Persuading and Influencing Others

  • Strategies for getting buy-in for your ideas – every time
  • Negotiation skills successful pros use time and again
  • Quick and easy methods for winning over an adversary
  • How-to’s for persuading others
  • Understanding and avoiding common barriers to getting your point across
  • Your last resort: what to do when they just won’t see it your way


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