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A Road Map for Implementing Lean Maintenance & Manufacturing

Course Description/Agenda

Purpose of Seminar:

Lean processes are changing businesses around the world through concepts, methods, and techniques that create outstanding results and translate directly into bottom-line profits. Based on the management philosophy of reduction of the “7 wastes”, when waste is eliminated, quality is improved, time is decreased and cost is reduced.

This Lean Management course will provide a systematic approach for Lean implementation practices, a toolbox of techniques for problem solving, continuous improvement, plus practical advice on lean operations.

Whether you are considering initiating a Lean program, or the stage of its implementation, or experiencing difficulties in achieving the expected targets, this is a practical and hands-on course designed for you and your key people in the team to ensure you are on the right track to gain real benefits from Lean improvements.
Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course students will receive a personalized American Trainco Certificate of Completion and 1.4 CEU’s (Continuing Education Credits) approved by the Maintenance Training Association of the Americas indicating that he or she has learned how to:

  • Develop a Lean Program for Their Facility
  • Measure Performance in Order to Achieve Desired Outcome
  • Create Value Stream Mapping
  • Enhance the Responsiveness and Effectiveness of Material Flows
  • Forecast Demands Accurately to Improve Scheduling
  • Manage Your Workforce Effectively for Continuous Improvement
  • Implement Rapid Process Improvements
  • Identify Wastes and How to Eliminate Them
  • Understand What in Needed to Sustain the Gains
What you will learn:

Through a mixture of presentations and discussions including group and individual exercises, this 2 day intensive training course will provide a systematic approach for Lean Management implementation practices applicable for both the manufacturing and maintenance environment. The student will be provided with a toolbox of techniques for problem solving, continuous improvement, plus practical advice ranging from operating a Lean facility on a day-to-day basis to understanding how to sustain the Lean program.
Who should take this course:

The course is designed for anyone who is concerned with continuous improvement, maintenance, manufacturing and process excellence as well as technical professionals seeking cutting-edge tools, proven approaches and real-world applications. This seminar is a must for anyone who is involved in maintenance or manufacturing at industrial plants, utilities or commercial facilities, including:
  • Operations Managers
  • Plant Managers
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Engineering Technicians
  • Quality Managers
  • Materials Managers
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Production Managers
What you will take home:
  • American Trainco Seminar Manual - detailing all presentation material covered n the class
  • Personalized Training Certificate with 1.4 American Trainco Continuing Education Units for attending this two-day seminar, approved by the Maintenance Training Association of the Americas
  • All the information you need from asking our instructors specific questions about your own equipment or facility
Course Outline / Agenda:

  • Overview and Expectations
  • Introduction to Lean Principle Applications In All Functions of An organization
  • Introduction to A Systematic Lean Implementation Approach
    • Why Implementations Fail or Deliver Less Than Expected Results
  • Identifying the 7 Hidden Wastes and How Much they Are Costing the Organization
  • Waste of Motion
  • Waste of Transportation
  • Inventory Waste
    • Waste of Waiting Time
    • Overproduction Waste
    • Waste of Defects and Rework
    • Waste of Over Processing
  • Identify Potential Improvement Opportunities
    (Breakout Exercise)
    • Personalizing the Training By Identifying Wastes Within Your Own Company
  • Dot Game Exercise, 1st Round (Exercise)
    • Interactive Classroom Factory to Provide Problems Found In Most Processes
  • Introduction to Lean Basics; 5s & Visual Controls
  • Intro to Lean Manufacturing (Video)
  • Visual Controls (Video)
    • Push Vs. Pull Production
      • Single Piece Flow and Cellular
  • Manufacturing
    • Jit and Kanban
  • Dot Game Exercise, 2nd Round (Exercise)
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Quick Change-overs
  • Error Proofing (Video)
    • How to Use Pok-Yokes to Help Workers Not Make Mistakes
  • Total Productive Maintenance
  • Kaizen Blitz or Rapid Improvement Process
  • Understanding the Process Variation
  • Managements Involvement In Supporting This Lean Manufacturing Initiative
    • What Management Has to Do to Make these Changes Stick
  • Development of An Action Plan to Implement Lean Principles Across Your Organization
    • Start to Develop A Plan That Outlines the Steps Needed to Implement Lean In Your organization
  • Developing A Road Map to Success For Lean Implementation
    • Build a Road Map That Includes All of The Lean Practices and Design It to Fit Your Organization
Most students who attend our seminars are interested in a well-rounded general education. But many others have unique issues they face at work, and so they want specific answers to specific questions. Therefore, at the beginning of each seminar students are given the opportunity to briefly write down their reasons for coming to the seminar and/or what they hope to specifically learn while in attendance. Using this information, the instructor may change or vary the course information listed above depending on the needs and interests of the students.
About our Instructors:

Mike Wader has more than 20 yrs of hands-on experience in implementing Lean principles plus 10 years of teaching and consulting exp


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