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The Alliance-Merit Process On-Site Training

The Alliance-Merit process helps organizations implement strategic changes to corporate "culture" and advance new leadership and management strategies

Course Description/Agenda

Alliance Training specializes in the design and implementation of strategies for organizations competing in the domestic or global markets.

Alliance-Merit Process was developed by a team of professional trainers and organizational development experts. We have extensive experience implementing organizational change and performance management systems. Our process helps organizations implement strategic changes to corporate "culture" and advance new leadership and management strategies. Organizations such as Bank of America, and I.O.F. Insurance, have used this process to facilitate new corporate cultures, and communicate new organization strategy and direction. Our time-tested corporate change model conveys new direction and aligns the organization's people, management and processes with the new strategy.

The Alliance-Merit Solution
Alliance-Merit Process provides a real solution for implementation of new corporate strategy or culture change. Our process creates a tailored solution that takes advantage of both time-tested and new approaches to organizational development and performance management. This is usually accomplished through a multi-phased approach including:

Strategic Consulting
  • Strategic Implementation Needs Analysis
  • Program design Assistance
  • Task force processing/packaging
  • Strategy & Philosophy Document Packaging
  • Proactive Periodic Reviews
Training Development
  • Program Design
  • Program Development
  • Program Tailoring
  • Program Packaging
  • Proactive Procedures Review
Organizational Development
  • Processing Consulting with Management
  • Employee Involvement
  • Empowerment to People effected
  • Individual Acceptance of the Strategy
  • Ongoing Organizational Development Consulting
Training & Implementation
  • Rollout Design/Administration Guide
  • Program Leader/Trainer Sessions
  • Program Training Sessions
  • Rollout Assistance
  • Certification Assistance
  • Ongoing Training Implementation Consulting


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