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Problem-Solving Skills for Change Leaders On-Site Training

Staus quo is out! Today’s competitive marketplace requires continuous improvement and continuous change

Course Description/Agenda

A training program to build skills helping managers and supervisors solve problems proactively, gain acceptance of solutions, and effectively implement solutions.  New problem-solving skills developed in this workshop help managers and team leaders get past the symptoms of the problem, make better decisions, and create more buy-in to their solutions.

This training session is for when you:

  • Are faced with continuous improvement challenges
  • Need support to implement change
  • Must get beyond the symptom and really fix the problem
  • Need to get beyond the "we've always done it this way" thinking
  • Must improve your decision-making capabilities and confidence

Training Benefits

  • Improve organization effectiveness by integrating needed business model changes
  • Sustain the momentum of the change initiative
  • Deal with the “under-promise/over-deliver” forecasting mentality
  • Create a change oriented culture to support your company’s objectives and identity
  • Increase the quality and productivity of the work being performed
  • Understand the credibility formula.  Credibility is built on two pillars, trust and expertise.  Trust + Expertise = Credibility

Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • Learn to stay solution-based during the trials of change
  • Know how to evaluate your change leadership readiness
  • Learn to make high-quality, effective decisions and overcome personal bias
  • Understand how to incorporate both the roles of administrator and leader in successfully executing change
  • Discover how to ensure that all managers, from front line supervisors to top executives, are behind the change effort
  • Learn how to convert fear and anxiety-based behavior into an adaptability mode
  • Identify the critical change components:  individual responsibilities and duties…span of control and influence…relationships and alliances
  • Discover how to overcome resistance to change initiatives - “You want me to do what?”
  • Learn how to design the change timetable and the communication network
  • Know how to anticipate and avoid inappropriate and counterproductive behavior in response to the change initiative
  • Understand how to change your company’s culture to include the integration of change and forging of alliances
  • Master how to report sexual harassment or sexually harassing behavior 


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Alliance Training Seminars

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