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This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Learning how to consult to others may be as critical as knowing how to perform your own work in today's networked world

Course Description/Agenda

Learning how to consult to others may be as critical as knowing how to perform your own work in today's networked world. Professionals across a variety of industries are increasingly being called upon to act and serve as internal consultants within their organization. Consulting extends well beyond the domain of those who identify themselves as consultants, and extends throughout organizations on an informal and formal basis. In its more challenging version, consulting requires the ability to build a trusted relationship and provide advisory services to others.

Learn the critical roles a consultant must play (from Linkage's Compleat Consultant Competency Model(tm)). And learn how to consult effectively from experienced consulting professionals who have developed a systemic and trusted process to construct, contract, engage, and measure consulting relationships all the way from concept to measurable results.

Who Should Attend

Professionals from any industry or function, including HR and OD; and professional consultants with less than 5 years of active internal or external consulting experience

What You Will Learn

  • Frame consulting projects and contract to engage participants from the start
  • Communicate to enhance influence and credibility as a consultant
  • Identify and overcome natural hurdles in the consulting process and relationship
  • Debrief and refuel yourself for the next consulting challenge that comes your way
  • Introduce mutually agreeable criteria for success from the client's standpoint to demonstrate achieved results


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