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A proven system where research-based strategies generate real world results

Course Description/Agenda

The world has become more connected than we ever imagined. This flattening has created global competition for limited resources, and the resource that companies are competing for the most is people. Effective coaching is proven to systematically develop and retain talent. Effective leaders and coaches across industries use coaching as a primary and critical talent development strategy:

  • Good coaching fosters a team culture where accountability and teamwork are the norms
  • Good coaching creates highly-motivated leaders and contributors
  • Good coaching generates an invaluable organizational competitive advantage-being able to attract, recruit, and retain greater talent
  • Good coaching, grounded on proven methodology from research and the real-world, offers critical input to the short and long term success of organizations across industries
  • Good coaching leads to winning scores, enhanced effectiveness, increased profits, and accountability amongst team members

At Linkage, we realize that the fate of organizations, including many of our own clients', rests in the hands of coaches. We provide a systematic and proven approach to coaching that builds lasting relationships and results. We know coaching and take the training of coaches seriously. To that effect, we present The Coaching Leaders Certification Program, a program grounded in methods and systems that have been developed by experts in the field of coaching and by researchers on our own team of Master Coaches.


I. Pre-Work

All participants take part in an introductory interview to identify their developmental coaching needs, and complete one of the program's assessment tools.

II. Core Curriculum

This intensive three-day core session, based on Linkage's Coaching Leaders ModelTM, features skill practice with a host of proprietary coaching tools. Using a special coaching simulation exercise, all participants apply what they have learned to a live situation-all while gaining feedback from the Master Coach and peers.

III. Hands-on Post-Work

The Coaching Leaders Certification Program's post-work includes follow-up coaching with your Master Coach, live and archived tele-sessions on specific and timely coaching topics, coordination of field work, and a written case study.


Internal managers and leaders, internal and external HR/OD professionals, and HR/OD consultants and executive coaches who want proven strategies to identify and coach high potential contributors and leaders to be their best.


  • Learn to coach yourself and others to new heights-to make the desirable changes that take clients' leadership and work effectiveness to the next level
  • Feel the heart-felt satisfaction of making a sustainable shift in how someone sees and conducts oneself, and relates to others
  • Learn to coach from Linkage's Master Coaches using our field-tested and proven methodology and tools
  • Join our ranks of certified Linkage coaching professionals


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