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Bottom-Line OD: A Certification Program for Improving ROI On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

This two-day immersion program certifies OD and HR professionals in the leading-edge concepts of ROI as an essential element of the change process.

Course Description/Agenda

ROI has become the silver bullet of OD and HR. Indeed, nearly every OD and HR practitioner recognizes its importance. The challenge for most practitioners has been how to integrate ROI into their change process.

To that end, Linkage is proud to offer, in exclusive partnership with acclaimed ROI and strategic change expert Dr. Merrill Anderson of MetrixGlobal, LLC, Bottom-Line OD: A Structured Process for Improving Return on Investment. This two-day immersion program certifies OD and HR professionals in the leading-edge concepts of ROI as an essential element of the change process.

Participate in this intensive program and become one of the first to utilize a bold new approach that fully integrates ROI and change. Learn how to boil down ROI evaluation to reveal its essence and how to employ state-of-the-art quantitative and qualitative tools and techniques to leverage that essence. And walk away ready to author a complete and compelling ROI story.

Who Should Attend

OD, HR, learning, and change professionals who want to learn how to improve the ROI of their initiatives by gaining the valuable knowledge, skills, and tools to develop an effective evaluation strategy and collect the required data for a credible ROI analysis

Program Overview and Requirements

I. Pre-Work

Prior to the workshop, participants read ROI executive summaries/article and complete strategic initiative profile.

II. Core Curriculum

During this two-day intensive certification program, gain know-how and practical tools in topics such as:

  • Understanding how ROI and change are integrated
  • Building a business case for change
  • Linking organizational goals to initiative objectives
  • Estimating and forecasting ROI
  • Building credibility for the evaluation
  • Leveraging evaluation to drive greater value from the initiative
  • Developing a strategy for communicating results
  • Working in a collaborative team atmosphere to explore case studies that deepen the learning and provide a bridge to application

Program participants are organized in learning teams to work collaboratively throughout the program.

Plus receive your FREE copy of Dr. Anderson's book Bottom-Line Organization Development when attending a public offering of Bottom-Line OD: A Structured Process for Improving Return on Investment. This book breaks new ground in applying powerful evaluation methodology to increase bottom-line value from strategic change initiatives.

III. Targeted Post-Work Coaching

After completing the Bottom-Line OD: A Structured Process for Improving Return on Investment program, take part in two coaching conference calls with your facilitator and your learning teams.

The first call explores participant ideas on applying concepts learned during the Bottom-Line OD program to personal work responsibilities. In addition, this call provides a valuable opportunity to share best practices and receive coaching from the facilitator.

The second call provides you with an opportunity to share with your team what you have done (or what you are planning to do) for your application project. This call provides an additional opportunity to gain insights and share perspectives on ways to apply the concepts, methods, and tools learned during the program.

IV. Submission of Project for Certification

To complete the requirements for certification, you submit a project for review by Dr. Merrill Anderson and the team of senior facilitators from Linkage. Examples of application projects include:

  • Developing an evaluation architecture that includes business goals, initiative objectives, and evaluation objectives
  • Developing a data collection plan and collecting the required data
  • Evaluating how effectively participants in an OD/HR initiative applied ROI concepts to their workplace issues
  • Conducting an ROI study or forecast

The project will be reviewed for completeness, quality, relevance to OD/HR evaluation, and impact on the organization.

How You Will Benefit

  • Strategically position your initiative to deliver tangible results
  • Forecast ROI for your OD/HR initiatives
  • Demonstrate bottom-line business value for your OD/HR initiatives
  • Develop recommendations for increasing the business value of your initiative
  • Increase the depth, breadth, and scope of your partnership with business leaders
  • Utilize evaluation methodology to measure and better manage your human capital
  • Engage your fellow leaders in making strategic investments in people and change
  • Learn how to use and walk away with the ROI Tutorial and the ROI Estimation Tool


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