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Best Practices in Succession Management On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

New and compelling program developed to accelerate your learning and provide you with direct business application as you address strategic succession related issues.

Course Description/Agenda

Succession management is the critical determinant of success and marketplace longevity for organizations. Too often, however, such planning is left to the last moment. Bring your own real-life succession challenges and work with William Rothwell, a noted thought leader who has consulted with more than thirty multinational corporations. Leverage Linkage experts, best practice succession organizations, and other participants to learn high-impact methods and tools that will enable you to close the critical gaps in your succession planning.

Who should attend

Experienced OD professionals, OD teams, business leaders, and managers who are involved in succession management
Note: This program is not open to independent consultants.

Benefits & Outcomes

  • Learn key trends that are influencing the future of succession planning and management
  • Get the right leaders at the top of your organization
  • Retain your organization’s most valuable asset: proprietary knowledge
  • Achieve breakthrough success by implementing the correct succession plan for your organization



William J. Rothwell, Ph.D., is recognized globally as an expert on succession planning and management, serving as the national thought leader for a 2001 Best Practices study of succession that examined eighteen multinational corporations. A professor of Human Resource Development at Pennsylvania State University, Rothwell’s well-known publications include Effective Succession Planning, The Action Learning Guidebook, and The Competency Toolkit, to name a few.

Robert Edwards specializes in management succession planning and talent development systems. Robert brings together years of hands-on experience and practical consultant skills with a broad background in organization development, project management/implementation, strategic organization change, human resources operations and managing line organizations. Robert’s corporate management experience includes entry level, middle, and executive positions in Human Resources, Customer Service, and Information Technology.


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