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Coaching Senior Leaders: Masterful Coaching of Senior Leaders and Leadership Teams On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

New content focusing on coaching leaders as a critical strategy for developing talent and leadership.

Course Description/Agenda

Research studies by Linkage and others consistently demonstrate that the global competition for talent has been inadequately addressed, that it requires a strategic approach, and that coaching leaders is one of the most powerful strategies for developing leadership and ensuring the purposeful development of talent.

Coaching leaders at the senior level can produce significant business results. At the leadership level, the stakes are high, and gaining entry requires that the coaching is grounded on a proven systematic methodology-and this is what you learn in Linkage's Coaching Senior Leaders program.

This intensive immersion program provides advanced strategies to develop a coaching relationship that is geared to positively impact the effectiveness of leaders and leadership teams. In Coaching Senior Leaders, learn from Dr. Pam Brill, senior vice president of Learning Solutions, and Andrew Goodman, executive vice president of Talent Management at Linkage. Together they have over three decades of experience coaching high-level leaders.


I. Core Curriculum

  • Coaching as Trusted Advisor to Senior Leaders. Learn to skillfully build a relationship with senior- level leaders and teams.
  • Coaching as a Proven and Measurable Talent Development Process. Learn how to harness the power of relationships to provide a forum for leaders to strategically consider the development of others.
  • Coaching Leaders to Build Teams. Apply a framework for assessing the developmental stage of a team using a Linkage proprietary tool, The Power of FourT .
  • Coaching Leadership Teams. Learn to work through the common hurdles that can get in the way of optimal functioning and commitment of individual team members and entire teams.

II Post Program Support
All participants can take part in ongoing teleseminars to continue exchanging best practices and to receive ongoing expert coaching from Linkage's Master Coaches.


Internal and external experienced coaches who have previously attended a coaching program; this program is also suited for mid to senior-level managers, with some coaching experience, who are responsible for coaching other leaders and other managers.


  • Learn proven processes, tools, and skills for building long-lasting coaching relationships
  • Identify and overcome obstacles such as power differentials between coach and client
  • Use formal assessment tools to improve buy-in and follow-through of senior leaders and teams
  • Learn how to hurdle the dynamics of resisting change that are amplified when working with a leader who has already attained a high level of success
  • Overcome the unique challenges to coaching a leader when you are an internal coach


All participants must previously have attended a coaching program.


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