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Leading Through Communication: The Communication Clinic On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

How many conversations will you have today?20? 50? 100? What will their impact be on your ability to influence, lead, and achieve results?

Course Description/Agenda

Communication-whether it's a face-to-face encounter or in writing-involves an exchange of ideas or points of view, and an opportunity to make an impact on the thinking and behaviors of others. Effective leaders and peak performing contributors choose their words-and their nonverbal communication cues-with care. They use every conversation to highlight their points of view, achieve their goals, influence change, and strengthen relationships with others.

As a participant in Leading Through Communication: The Linkage Communication Clinic, you too can learn to harness the power of verbal and nonverbal communication-by learning a proven method that has stood the test of tough conversations across industries. This program is designed to help individuals improve and adapt their communication strategies and abilities to maximize the impact of each and everyone of their interactions. Learn to apply and master Linkage's proven tools, techniques, and strategies to get your message across and to build strong bridges with others. Identify and leverage your strengths, improve upon your weaknesses, and as a result, increase your productivity by using effective communication strategies that gain buy in and commitment. 

Program Curriculum

I. Pre-Work

Take Linkage's comprehensive 360 degree C-SAILâ„¢ assessment

II. Core Curriculum

The strength of strong communicators is awareness of style and skills. Identify your communication style and abilities (see Five Communication Style Dimensions Modelâ„¢)-and learn the tools and action steps to adapt your communication style. Assess and develop your ability to listen, convey and track information accurately through involvement in strategic skill practice. Engage in a series of innovative exercises designed to provide experiential learning and concrete feedback on your assessment results. Individual action planning, one-on-one coaching, and program interaction build upon the feedback provided. Receive a personalized assessment report and confidential one-on-one coaching on your communication style and abilities. Walk away with tangible action plans for ramping up the quality and impact of your communications.

Who Should Attend

Leaders, experienced managers, directors, and executives who want to enhance their communication skills to increase their overall effectiveness as leaders.

How You Will Benefit

  • Receive a personalized assessment report and confidential one-on-one coaching on your communication style and abilities
  • Model the essential leadership communication principles
  • Master your distinctive communication style and abilities
  • Drive change, build trust, and learn to have powerful conversations
  • Receive valuable tools to help you get the most out of each and every conversation


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