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This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Intense, step-by-step program that begins by first insuring that all participants master the ability to communicate effectively in a one-on-one situation, then provides the additional tools necessary to expand their communications to presentations in any venue, of any size and scope

Course Description/Agenda

Facilitated by Jeanette and Roy Henderson, the leading authorities on presentation training, it includes the Six Truths of Human Interaction, the Three-Step Formula of Inspiration, the Seven Elements of How to Say It, The Seven Essential Tools for your Presentational Toolbox, and the Six Final Insights to Master. Participants receive a comprehensive Workbook to use throughout the Camp, and a complete Evaluation at the end, with insights and suggestions for future improvement. Those receiving a passing score will receive a Certificate acknowledging their achievement of becoming a Level IV Certified Podium Master. The newest, most unique presentation program on the market.

"This was an inspirational class – people were stuck to their seats during the fundamentals, afraid to hit the bathrooms & miss anything. If this had been a 5 day Training, I would have eagerly stayed all 5 days. This is information we all need to know, whether we're in sales, CEO, accounting, training, anyone who talks to people should attend! "
— Kari B., Jack Henry & Associates

Course Description:

The Podium Master Speaker Training Camp is a two-day seminar/workshop designed to build essential public speaking skills that will expand your persuasive power and personal presence.

You Will Learn:

  • How to master the art of public speaking, while feeling like you’re just having a conversation.
  • How to arrange your message in ways so compelling others must join you.
  • How to put in specific communication causes to achieve desired results.
  • How and why everything you say and do affects those around you.



The Six Truths of Human Interaction
Learn to:

  • More clearly understand the relationship between the presenter and the listener
  • Establish goals for the outcome of a presentation
  • Be able to take the initial steps toward achieving those goals

The Three Step Formula of Inspiration

Learn to:

  • Recognize the use and value of the Formula for Inspiration
  • Know the pitfalls of many common misconceptions about content arrangement
  • Develop effective and persuasive content using the Formula

The Seven Elements of How To Say It

Learn to:

  • Implement proper stance, eye contact, gestures and other body language in a way that will inspire trust in your listener
  • Use your voice as an instrument to paint strong images for your listener
  • Apply proper physicalization and verbalization regardless of the venue or number of listeners

The Seven Essential Tools for your Presentational Toolbox

Learn to:

  • Use a lectern and microphone in the most effective way possible
  • Understand the importance of the correct attire for the occasion
  • Lay out a script so simply and effectively you can read it almost cold and make it look like you’ ve been practicing for days
  • How to quickly gain the authority necessary to be a more effective presenter
  • Q & A, Assignment and Appointment-setting for Tuesday afternoon



The Six Final Insights to Master
Learn to:

  • Develop a specific plan to insure the moments before your presentation is as effective as possible
  • Control and direct your adrenaline into productive service rather than fear
  • Know what to do when things go wrong

Demonstration and Workshop
Learn to:

  • Know exactly what it feels like and looks like when a presentation is superior, and why
  • Recognize which tools you have mastered and which need further development
  • Understand exactly how to make sure your presentation is the best presentation, and why " Best Presentation Wins!"



For over 2 decades, Jeanette and Roy Henderson have coached countless industrialists, community leaders, attorneys, physicians and politicians among others in the improvement of their applicable presentation skills. Together, they have over eighty years experience in the art of presentation.


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