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Secrets to Collecting More Money On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Want to collect more money faster, easier, and with less frustration than ever before? Join your fellow collections professionals for an amazing day of discovery and rejuvenation!

Course Description/Agenda

Get the Money You're Owed Now!

Don't laugh - it's not a pipe dream. Collecting money from customers is often the most demanding and frustrating job in your company. Excuses, anger, and avoidance are all you seemingly get on a daily basis. But there's a way to cut through the baloney - get ALL the money that you're owed - and even build stronger relationships with your customers and make them long-term paying customers - instead of long-term headaches. Enroll in this workshop today.

Get critical legal updates and effective collection strategies in one fast-moving day!
When you attend this insightful workshop, you'll learn the freshest and most effective techniques for collecting money from customers and debtors. You'll learn how to maintain your professionalism at all times and keep your energy levels up no matter how stressful your job gets. In addition, you'll get -

  • A legal update about your collection practices
  • An action plan for handling special collection circumstances
  • Expert insight into why debtors act the way they do

Don't Lose Another Cent to Unpaid Debt!
Your company deserves every cent that it's owed. In fact, your ability to do your job is vital to your organization's financial success. YOU deserve a day out of the office to learn the techniques and skills that will make your job easier, less stressful, and much more successful. Join us for a fun-filled day with eye-opening information, jaw-dropping collection techniques, and some hilarious "war stories" from your trainer and peers that will prove to you that you're not alone.

What You'll Learn:

Give us one day of your time and let us get you recharged and revitalized with a few dozen of your peers. And then, when you go back, you'll be able to:

  1. Get debtors to pay you everything you're owed more quickly
  2. Improve your customer rapport for increased collection success
  3. Confidently overcome customer excuses
  4. Increase your company's bottom line directly through your efforts
  5. Avoid costly legal mistakes - especially unintentional ones
  6. Steer clear of the most common collection mistakes that trip up even the most veteran professionals
  7. Gain fresh collection strategies and techniques that you can use immediately
  8. Return to the office motivated - and get others in your department more motivated
  9. Improve your collection success with some simple communication techniques
  10. Reduce your personal and professional frustration and stress

Workshop Agenda:

Secrets to Becoming an Effective Collections Professional

  • Overcoming your own delinquency
  • 5 characteristics of the successful collector
  • Getting into the right "collections" mindset
  • Communication strategies for smoother debt collection
  • False assumptions collectors often make - and that'll bite you in the end
  • Developing a foolproof collection plan that anticipates problems instead of simply reacting to them
  • When is an "excuse" a legitimate "reason" for not paying debts?
  • Steering clear of common collections mistakes

Super-Effective Collection Techniques to Get Your Money in the Bank

  • Warning signs an account is about to go bad
  • When is it time to write rather than phone?
  • How and why you must "put it in writing"
  • The most common collection letter blunders and how to avoid them
  • The 4 basics of a good collection letter
  • Phrases and words you SHOULDN'T include in a collections letter
  • Reviewing specific letters for special situations
  • Working out payment plans
  • Seriously late payments
  • 1099-C will have to be filed with the IRS
  • When (or if) an electronic quickie (e.g. fax or e-mail) is acceptable

Secrets of Maintaining a Professional - and Profitable - Relationship With Customers

  • Understanding why some debtors won't - or can't - pay
  • Making the collection process painless for both you and your customer
  • Maintaining an upbeat attitude when everyone else is laying a beat-down on you
  • 5 simple ways to establish a meaningful rapport with debtors and get your money quicker!
  • How to break through your debtor's defensive attitude
  • Building the kind of relationship with customers that could actually have them calling YOU
  • Situations that call for turning up the pressure on your customer - and times when you should back off a little
  • How to maintain consistency on your part and always follow up on what you've discussed with your debtor
  • Identifying bald-faced lies and excuses from debtors and how to overcome them
  • When - if ever - should you agree to settle a balance for less than the total amount owed?
  • Find out the best days and times to contact customers

Boosting Your Communication Power for Amazing Results

  • How to develop a powerful telephone voice that commands respect
  • What to say to get past gatekeepers who stop you from getting to the person you need to reach
  • Listening and questioning skills that'll help you to get them to pay up
  • How you can respond when a debtor demands you stop calling
  • Simple steps for handling a customer who wants to argue
  • When and how to follow up on phone calls

Handling Customer Excuses With Confidence!

  • Learn how to handle every excuse including:
    • I didn't receive a bill, the product, or the service
    • The check is in the mail
    • I don't have any money
    • I've lost my job

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