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Electrical Safety 70E® & Arc Flash Protection On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

A 2-Day Course Designed to Save Lives, Eliminate Injuries, and Prevent Damage to Plants, Building and Equipment - a Perennial Favorite for Students, now Including NFPA 70E® and Arc Flash Protection!

Course Description/Agenda

Course Competencies & Learning Objectives:

  • How to identify electrical hazards
  • The difference between “qualified” and “unqualified” workers
  • Safe approach distances to exposed electrical conductors
  • Improvements in PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • “Hot Work" rules
  • Proper work practices in wet or damp locations
  • Lockout/Tagout procedures
  • Safety requirements for electrical installations
  • Damage caused to equipment from poor electrical safety practices
  • Damage caused to people from poor electrical safety practices
  • Just how much voltage is too much voltage for the human body to handle
  • How OSHA Rules apply to your job & workplace
  • What it takes to establish compliance
  • OSHA penalties for noncompliance

Course Outline:

I. Electrical Safety & the Qualified Electrical Worker

  • A. Background, responsibilities & requirements
  • B. Types of Safety Standards: NFPA 70E & others
  • C. OSHA Electrical Safety Regulations overview

II. Electrical Hazards

  • A. Power of Electricity – Shock, Arc-Flash & Arc-blast
  • B. How to identify electrical hazards
  • C. Electrical Fires
  • D. Electrical Burns
  • E. Static Electricity
  • F. Accident Prevention
  • G. Emergency Response

III. Safety Related Work Practices

  • A. Definitions
  • B. General Requirements
  • C. Establishing Safe Work Condition
  • D. Electrical Lockout / Tagout
  • E. Working on or near Live Parts
  • F. Safe Approach Distances

IV. Safety Related Maintenance Requirements

  • A. General Maintenance Requirements
  • B. Substations, Switchgear, Switchboards, Panelboards, Motot Control Centers, Disconnect Switches
  • C. Premisis Wiring
  • D. Controller Equipment
  • E. Fuses & Circuit Breakers
  • F. Rotating Equipment
  • G. Hazardous (Classified) Locations
  • H. Batteries & Battery Rooms
  • I. Portable Electrical Tools & Equipment (PPR)

V. Safety-Related Work Practices & Requirements for Special Equipment

  • A. Electrolytic Cells
  • B. Batteries & Battery Rooms
  • C. Lasers
  • D. Power Electronic Equipment

VI. Installation Safety Requirements

  • A. General Requirements for Electrical Installations
  • B. Wiring Design & Protection
  • C. Wiring Methods, Components & Equipment for General Use
  • D. Specific Purpose Equipment & Installations
  • E. Hazardous (Classified) Locations, Class I, II & III
  • F. Special Systems
  • G. Guarding of Live Parts
  • H. Grounding
  • I. Ground Fault Protection
  • J. Temporary Wiring

VII. Electrical Safety Program

  • A. Setting up an Electrical Safety Program
  • B. Implementing an Electrical Safety Program


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