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Information Technology (IT) Customer Service Training On-Site Training

This workshop gives your IT employees powerful new insights into internal customer behavior, their own behavior and all of the necessary effective tools for creating real value for their internal customers.

Course Description/Agenda

The challenge of conducting IT consulting internally is a critical task of management. IT managers must balance the organization culture and history, inherited or legacy systems, IT and business leadership, the capabilities of both its professionals and the end users within the business environment. IT consulting is not a matter of merely fixing individual stand alone problems. Other considerations are the relationship of the consulting partnership to strategy and the larger organization.

As IT becomes a major platform upon which a company is organized and business is conducted, failure to recognize the interrelationships between the organization structure, management controls, people and processes and the environment can affect the success of the IT initiative.

To develop, maintain and expand credibility and provide true value, IT service providers must satisfy a complex array of internal customer needs and demands. It can be difficult for internal service providers to adequately respond to these needs and demands in an environment shaped largely by high expectations for flexibility, quality, responsiveness, and results. Some of these forces include external competitors seeking a larger "piece of the pie", changing of internal business and business unit goals and objectives, product innovations and the constant introduction of new technology. These and other factors create new and more sophisticated demands on Texas Instrument's IT internal support groups.

Successful IT service is no longer a matter of mere technical proficiency. Rather, it is a combination of technical expertise, the ability to manage both information and people, and efficient, productive internal communication.

Information Technology (IT) Customer Service Skills gives your IT employees powerful new insights into internal customer behavior, their own behavior and all of the necessary effective tools for creating real value for their internal customers.

On-Site IT Training: can be tailored to the needs of client organization and delivered on-site at time and location of client choice.


Participants in the Information Technology (IT) Customer Service Skills workshop will:

  • Learn to gain valuable insights into their customer’s concerns
  • Learn to Under promise and over achieve
  • Understand and know what to do if the problem is bigger than they thought
  • Know how too avoid and beware of the IT image stereotypes: process versus solution, credibility costs, time, outside consultants effectiveness and inside consultants perceived weakness
  • Understand how to handle complaints in ways that create improved, lasting relationships with their customers.
  • Learn to build positive "chemistry" by recognizing and responding to needs of individuals with varying behavioral styles.
  • Learn how in the face of doubt, misunderstandings, and complaints to respond appropriately to the emotions of internal customers and their co-workers, then develop facts, and recommend value-building solutions.
  • Learn not to blame past failures on current stake holders
  • Practice and learn how to manage client expectations
  • Acquire techniques for seeing issues from the customers perspective, creating value-adding options for customers, and making sure customers recognize the full value they are receiving.
  • Practice handling angry customers
  • Learn how to gain agreement from customers and reinforce mutually satisfying long-term relationships.
  • Develop an understanding of how to transform their organizational units from groups into teams 

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Length:1 day
Time:8:30 AM - 5:00 PM


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