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Electrical Safety for Electric Power Generation Transmission and Distribution On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Provide Safety Information for OSHA Electrical Safety-Related Work Practices 29 CFR 1910.269.
Protect Yourself, Your Employees, and Your Company

Course Description/Agenda

2 day Lecture
1.6 Continuing Education Credits

Review the OSHA specific requirements for working near high voltage electrical systems, including your responsibilities, training requirements and the definition of a “qualified” person. Learn how to create a safe work environment through understanding electrical hazards and proper work and protection practices.


OSHA Introduction

  • Key national consensus standards
  • Standards development

 Understanding Electrical Hazards

  • Electric shocks, arcs and blasts
  • Fault current and potential difference
  • Electrical safety in industrial plants

 29 CFR 1910.269: Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution

  • 1910.269(a): Application
  • 1910.269(c): Job briefing
  • 1910.269(d): Hazardous energy control (Lockout/Tagout) procedures
  • 1910.269(g): Personal protective equipment
  • 1910.269(i): Hand and portable power tools
  • 1910.269(j): Live-line tools
  • 1910.269(l): Working on or near exposed lines
  • 1910.269(n): Grounding for the protection of employees
  • 1910.269(p): Mechanical equipment
  • 1910.269(q): Overhead lines
  • 1910.269(t): Underground electrical installations
  • 1910.269(w): Special conditions

 Electrical Safety Work Practices

  • Qualified person requirements
  • 1910.332: Training
  • 1910.333: Selection and use of work practices
  • 1910.335: Safeguards for personnel protection


  • OSHA interpretation
  • Relevant OSHA standards


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