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The Ultimate Supervisor's Workshop On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Two full days of intensive training on the critical skills you need to succeed as a supervisor!

Course Description/Agenda

Dear Colleague,

No one ever said supervising others
was easy.

In fact, I’ve known many a
seasoned supervisor who has felt overwhelmed,
over-stressed and

frustrated by the extraordinary responsibilities
that go hand in hand with being an effective

supervisor. And with the race-the-clock pace of
today’s organization, the supervisor’s job isn’t

about to get any easier.

Whether you’ve been a
supervisor for a while now, or are just starting
out, you NEED new ideas

... fresh approaches for dealing with today’s
challenges ... new solutions for handling your

toughest problems. And that’s exactly why you NEED
to attend this powerful new two-day


The Ultimate Supervisor’s
is an intensive two-day workshop
where leaders come for

fresh ideas and proven strategies for succeeding in
their tough role. The workshop covers upto-

the-minute information, “best practices” from
today’s most successful corporations, hot

management issues and the “nuts-and-bolts” knowledge
you need to excel as a supervisor.

This isn’t a sit-and-listen
seminar, where you come away with an idea or two and
a few pages

of notes. Instead, The Ultimate Supervisor’s
is a unique chance to roll up your

sleeves, dig in and experience learning that becomes
a part of you through one-on-one

interaction, exercises, group activities, role
plays, in-depth discussion and much more.

This workshop will give you an
armload of new ideas for:

  • Creating more time for

  • Organizing your department to
    boost efficiency

  • Helping your people
    prioritise their work

  • Turning around problem

  • Becoming a more confident,
    credible leader

  • Recruiting, hiring and
    keeping star performers

Don’t miss this exciting chance to
take your supervisory skills to a whole new level of

Whether you’re a veteran with years of experience
under your belt or a recent promotee, I

absolutely guarantee that you will find these two
days to be a rich gold mine of brilliant new

techniques, exhilarating ideas, foolproof
strategies, and inspiring new ways to excel at your

The truth is, you owe it to yourself, your people
and your organization to attend this workshop.

I hope to see you there!


D. Fumanti

Senior Workshop Leader

P.S. Space is limited to optimize
one-on-one interaction – so I highly recommend
you make

plans to attend right now. Don’t let an opportunity
like this one get away!

What You'll


  1. You’ll enjoy a unique
    opportunity to spend two full days addressing
    the supervisory

    issues and challenges that concern you most.

  2. You’ll learn to counsel,
    coach and inspire your people to excel, without
    driving them

    too hard or too fast.

  3. You’ll bring greater peace
    and harmony to your department, and create an

    mentality among your people.

  4. You’ll stop procrastinating
    when it’s time to confront or discipline
    difficult employees.

  5. You’ll get more accomplished
    each workday – and spend less time catching up
    at night

    and on weekends.

  6. You’ll become a strong,
    supportive role model for your people.

  7. You’ll guide your employees
    successfully through workplace turmoil, chaos
    and change.

  8. You’ll command more respect
    and gain more recognition for your efforts on
    the job.

  9. You’ll learn to build — and
    keep — a staff of enthusiastic, competent

  10. You’ll discover extraordinary
    results when you begin to think and act more
    like a

    leader, less like a supervisor.


Who Should

Anyone in any kind of
leadership or supervisory position can benefit from
this training!



The Changing Role of
the Supervisor

  • The most common mistakes supervisors (both
    newcomers and veterans) make and how to avoid

  • How to spend more time “leading” and less
    time “bossing” your people

  • From GenX-ers to Sixty-Somethings —
    employees aren’t like they used to be!

  • Tips for supervising telecommuters,
    flex-time, part-time and shared-time employees

  • How to put the power of diversity to work —
    and build a cohesive, collaborative team by
    celebrating individuality

  • The future of technology: What does it mean
    to you as a supervisor today?

Breaking Through Boundaries — Creative
Thinking for Supervisors

  • How to solve typical problems through
    atypical thinking

  • Brainstorming techniques for flushing fresh,
    original ideas out into the open

  • How to kick-start creativity in your team
    and yourself — and break free from the “tried
    and true”

  • How to stop thinking “we’ve always done it
    that way” and start thinking “we can do it
    differently and better”

  • How to foster a work climate where
    creativity can thrive

  • Use the time-honored principles of Murphy’s
    Law to help you handle problems

Communication Essentials for Supervisors

  • How to say “no” without arousing offence in
    others, or guilt in yourself

  • Techniques to make sure your people “hear
    you right the first time” when you give them


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