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The Changing Role of the Accounting Manager On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

A Two-Day Workshop for Managing the Changing Accounting Department

Course Description/Agenda

The accounting department has
radically changed. Have your management skills
changed with it?

As a financial manager, you are
entrusted with the responsibility of managing one of
your organization’s most precious commodities –
money. In fact, your organization depends on your
ability to provide accurate financial information
and business forecasts.

More and more, organizational
leaders are relying on your financial analysis,
interpretations, and forecasting to make better
business decisions. That’s why it is essential that
you attend The Changing Role of the Accounting
Manager 2006
. This all-new workshop will
give you the tools you need for improving
efficiency, managing finances, analyzing,
interpreting, and forecasting data and much more.

Master the Secrets of Effective
Reporting, Analysis, and Forecasting

You don’t just “manage the numbers” of your
business. Your reporting and analysis provide
valuable insight for business decisions. It is
essential that you have the skills to get the job
done accurately and efficiently. At this workshop,
you’ll learn what red flags to look for in your
reports, how to turn your data into meaningful
information anyone can use, and which financial
models work best for making investment decisions.
And that’s just for starters!

Learn Effective Ways to Protect
Your Organization’s Finances and Assets

It’s your job to protect your organization’s
finances and assets. Without the right controls and
processes in place, your organization is at risk for
fraudulent activity, costly errors, and potential
legal penalties. When you attend this workshop,
you’ll learn proven methods for establishing
internal controls, discovering where your processes
are most at risk, and implementing easy methods for
eliminating errors.

Get the Techniques, Strategies,
and Secrets Top Financial Managers Rely On

Managing any department is hard – but managing an
accounting department is even harder. You have the
responsibility of managing an area that has
undergone radical changes, with no end in sight!
You’ll learn how to structure your department for
maximum efficiency and how to anticipate the needs
of top management. This workshop is designed to give
you the most effective proven techniques,
strategies, and secrets for running an efficient
accounting department.

Make the commitment right now to
update your knowledge and improve your skills by
joining your accounting peers for two
career-enhancing days of training guaranteed to make
all the difference in your career and success.

What You'll


Attend this information-packed
training, and you’ll find out how to …

  • Protect your organization
    from fraud by recognizing red flags in your

  • Establish rock-solid internal

  • Make informed decisions on
    outsourcing accounting functions

  • Anticipate the needs of key
    decision makers in your organization

  • Maximize investments and
    minimize risk with financial models ROI, NVP,
    IRR and more

  • Communicate financial
    information in a way that everyone can

  • Accelerate monthly and
    year-end cycles for more reliable information



Your Role as a Financial Leader

  • How legislative and
    technological changes have radically altered
    accounting departments in just a few years

  • Challenges facing you as a
    managing accountant/controller

  • Why so many financial leaders
    are focusing on the future

  • Establishing yourself as a
    vital player on your organization’s team

Managing Your Organization’s Finances for
Greater Success

  • Protecting your organization
    from top- dogs IRS, SEC, and FASB

  • Accelerate and optimize
    monthly and year-end closing cycles for more
    reliable information

  • Streamlining the auditing
    process – what every financial manager should
    know – and do

  • Best practices in controlling
    and administering operating budgets

  • Keys to selecting technology
    for increased speed, accuracy, and efficiency

  • New financial and
    nonfinancial measures you need to know about

Moving Beyond Traditional Reports to Maximize
Your Information Output

  • Identifying potential snags
    in financial reporting and how to avoid them

  • How your organization’s main
    indicators of success fit into the reporting

  • Ensuring everyone who gets
    your reports understands what they’re reading

  • Are your reports accurately
    portraying the state of your business? Five
    things you should look at so they won’t be

  • Working around the
    limitations of GAAP

  • Find out where finance
    reports fail

  • The most common areas of
    misinterpretation in financial reports

More than Numbers: Analyzing,
Interpreting, and Forecasting with Your Data

  • Understanding the benefits of
    accurate forecasting

  • Using plans, budgets, and
    past performances to measure progress, look for
    trends, and predict financial pitfalls

  • Maximize investments and
    minimize risks using financial models ROI, TCO,
    Payback Period, NPV, and IRR

  • Turning your numbers into
    meaningful, usable data for your organization

  • Monitoring your cash flow for
    better investment decisions today and tomorrow

  • Where to look for hidden
    opportunities to increase your bottom line

Safe-guarding Your Organization’s Finances and

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