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FLSA Compliance Update On-Site Training

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One simple mistake with FLSA classification of employees could put your company in jeopardy of getting hit with expensive fines and penalties. Ensure 100% compliance and eliminate the risk by attending

Course Description/Agenda

There Are 14.5 Million Reasons
You’ll Want to Attend This Seminar!

Did you know that one New England
company was slapped with $14.5 million dollars in
fines and penalties solely because of the
“employer’s misapplication of the basic principles
of the FLSA”? And, even though the company had
simply made an honest mistake in its interpretation
of the laws, that didn’t make writing a $14.5
million dollar check any easier for the company

It’s rulings like these, and the
thousands of others that are made against companies
just like yours every day, that make FLSA Compliance
Update 2006 potentially the most important training
you’ll attend all year!

Join us for this quick-hitting,
one-day update and ensure your company’s compliance
with one of the most complex and far-reaching sets
of rules and regulations on the books today!

Gain the Expert Insight of a
Real FLSA Professional

When you attend this training, rest assured that
your trainer is a seasoned professional with an
extensive background in dealing with the
complexities of FLSA. A true pro in every sense of
the word.

You’ll learn foolproof shortcuts
and strategies to ensure every one of your employees
is classified correctly under FLSA guidelines (the
#1 mistake all companies make across the country) …
whether exempt employees are allowed to perform
nonexempt work and still stay exempt … and how to

those maddening gray areas in the law that trip up
even the most well-meaning businesses!

Avoid Costly Fines, Penalties,
and Embarrassment From FLSA Noncompliance

You’ll also learn how to keep your records updated,
accurate, and complete, which may be your best
defense if you ever find yourself in a court of law!
You’ll discover firsthand what information the
courts are demanding to see from companies like
yours – and most importantly, how to get that
information immediately if it’s not in your records
right now!

Sure, you may not ever get hit
with a multimillion dollar fine like that
unfortunate company we’ve already mentioned. But, do
you want to stand up in front of your senior
management group and explain why an employee – or a
group of employees – brought a lawsuit against your
company for FLSA violations that occurred under your
watch? Probably not.

Don’t wait! Enroll today and gain
the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re
doing everything right in complying with complicated
and confusing FLSA standards! Don’t make a million
dollar – or a $14.5 million dollar – mistake!
Register right now!


What You'll


  • Classify all your employees correctly
    (full-time, part-time, independent contractors
    and more)

  • Create self-audit controls that eliminate
    FLSA compliance mistakes

  • Identify FLSA gray areas that trip up even
    the most experienced professionals

  • Recognize common trouble spots where FLSA
    conflicts with other regulations

  • Use best practices for internally auditing
    your FLSA procedures



Fair Labor Standards Act

  • A history of FLSA

  • An overview of current FLSA

  • Determining who is and isn’t
    covered under FLSA

  • The layperson’s guide to FLSA

Critical Issues of FLSA Compliance

  • Understanding exempt vs.
    nonexempt classifications

  • Ensuring all your employees
    are classified correctly, including outside
    sales staff and contractors

  • When your exempt employees
    can earn overtime

  • Cautions for using titles as
    a classification method for employees

  • Guidelines for correctly
    determining total compensation levels when
    dealing with salary, commissions, and bonuses

  • The “safe harbor” provision
    and what it means to your organization

  • Dealing with special
    circumstances, absences, comp time,
    garnishments, and other confusing situations

  • A look at “gray areas” and
    hotspots causing headaches for everyone

How FLSA Regulations Impact/Interact With
Other Rules and Regulations

  • FMLA

  • Workers’ compensation


  • Unemployment insurance

  • Other government regulations

  • Recognizing common “trouble
    spots” when FLSA collides with other regulations

Protecting and Defending
Yourself Against FLSA Violations

  • The top 10 most common FLSA

  • What you should and shouldn’t
    do if you’re investigated for an FLSA violation

  • Types of businesses and
    industries most often targeted by the DOL

  • Understanding how the DOL
    enforcement looks for FLSA violations

  • The best places to go for
    FLSA resources

  • Tips on writing job
    descriptions to help keep yourself out of court

Best Practices on Performing an Internal Audit

  • When you should perform an
    FLSA audit

  • What your policies and
    procedures should include

  • Analyzing your current
    payroll process and what red flags you should
    look for

  • When and how you should make
    changes to your payroll processes

  • Reporting your findings

Tips for Keeping Records Accurate and Complete

  • Keeping track of exempt
    employees’ hours

  • How to handle problems
    regarding a final paycheck

  • Reducing an employee’s
    salary, or dealing with suspension time due to
    disciplinary measures

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