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Advanced Leadership Skills for Managers & Supervisors: 2 Day Seminar On-Site Training

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Course Description/Agenda

Success in today’s world doesn’t come from doing “business as usual.” You’re
either moving forward or you’re in danger of becoming obsolete. That’s why
exceptional managers are always refining and expanding their leadership skills.
Now you have the incredible opportunity to join fellow exceptional leaders in
your area at our most advanced management training course ever: Leadership
Skills for Managers& Supervisors. It’s two days of world-class training
guaranteed to provide you with the ingenuity and insight of today’s most
successful and dynamic business leaders.

What You'll Learn:

Attend this highly advanced training event and you’ll learn how to:

  • Deliver unmatched results that get noticed!

  • Make more effective, business decisions more quickly

  • Move from being a simple “role player” within your organization to a
    respected mover, shaker, and decision maker

  • Deal with counterproductive employee attitudes quickly and decisively

  • Empower employees to think and troubleshoot problems on their own

  • Cultivate an energetic “can-do” spirit throughout your organization and
    foster unbreakable loyalty from your strongest employees

This innovative management workshop is packed with skills, tips, and
techniques guaranteed to make you a more persuasive communicator and a more
powerful leader. And you’ll be learning it all in an energetic, fast-paced
training environment that you won’t soon forget!

Who Should Attend?

Managers, supervisors and anyone who wants to improve their own skills

Workshop Agenda:

Leadership and Influence

  • The difference between managing and leading

  • The components of good leadership

  • Best practices of good leaders

  • Harness the power of influence/persuasive communication

  • Self-sabotaging behaviors that damage your leadership

  • Nurture strong leadership at every level – within the ranks as well as
    in management – to increase productivity

  • Create an atmosphere of trust and respect between yourself and employees
    and among employees

  • Walk, talk, and breathe ethical behavior – and expect the same of your

Build a Positive Environment and Eliminate Negativity

  • Foster open communication where every contribution counts

  • Reduce employee absenteeism and turnover by creating a positive,
    pleasant work environment

  • Overcome counterproductive attitudes and stop negativity from infecting
    the workplace

  • Find out what employees want from you as a leader – and deliver

Continually Coach for Commitment

  • Tap into employees’ natural competitiveness– internal or external – to
    improve performance

  • Be demanding without squashing morale

  • Lead employees to their own performance solutions

  • Criticize and correct without causing defensiveness

  • Train employees with adult-learning techniques that will get your point
    across in half the time

Foster Creativity

  • Open the communication pipeline and keep ideas flowing

  • Identify practices that promote creativity and innovation

  • Implement tools and techniques for generating ideas and solutions

  • Practices and guidelines for creating an innovative work environment

  • Spot opportunities and generate solutions

  • Turn problems into opportunities for growth

  • Work around roadblocks that stifle creativity and bruise morale

  • Reward those who think outside the box

Critical Thinking, Decision-Making and Project Management Tools

  • Formulate vital questions and problems

  • Use abstract ideas to interpret information effectively

  • Test conclusions against relevant criteria and standards

  • Use Pareto Analysis, Paired Comparison, Grid Analysis, Decision Trees,
    PMI, Force-Field Analysis, Thinking Hats, and Cost/Benefit Analysis to make
    effective decisions

  • Use critical thinking and decision-making techniques to set your
    business priorities

  • Use GANTT Charts, Critical Path Analysis, PERT Charts, The Planning
    Cycle, Stakeholder Analysis, and Stakeholder Management to make managing
    even the most complex projects easier

Strategic Planning

  • Move from operational to strategic management

  • Develop a strategic plan to serve as a framework for business decisions
    or for securing support/approval

  • Use your strategic plan to explain the business to others in order to
    inform, motivate, and involve

  • Use your strategic plan to assist benchmarking and performance

  • See how the strategic plan can stimulate change and become a building
    block for the next plan

Manage Change

  • Assess your department’s readiness for change

  • Work with upper management to ensure success of the plan for change

  • Manage the emotional and intellectual challenges of change

  • Positively move employees from fear to commitment

  • Assess results achieved from change

New Challenges for Today’s Managers Build Top Employees

  • How to recognize, groom, motivate, and maintain your top performers

  • Mentor without creating resentment among the ranks

  • Manage an age-diverse work force, building top performers of all ages

  • Manage a Multicultural Workplace

  • How culture impacts everyday business interactions

  • Manage culture-related conflict

  • Handle communication breakdowns and misinterpretations

  • How cultures vary regarding employee-manager interactions, time
    management, teamwork, decision making and more

Manage Organizational Culture/Subculture

  • Overcome your organization’s cultural norms that might be hindering
    creativity and productivity

  • Explore the assumptions that impact your thinking and your team’s


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