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Advanced Ethics and Boundaries for the Behavioral Health Professional On-Site Training

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An essential one-day seminar on ethics and boundaries for the helping professions

Course Description/Agenda

Education about ethics is an important and often required domain in professional development. Unfortunately, such training is all too often a dry and sterile recitation of theory and regulatory standards. This is unfortunate because, in reality, ethics is ultimately about human drama. It is about fundamental human needs, morality and passion, and is often the foundation of religious faith itself. Most ethics programs do a disservice to the discipline and to program participants by ignoring the passion and emotion of this topic.

This workshop is divided into four sections: 1) ethical theory and human emotion, 2) ethical problems and conflicting values, 3) the psychology of ethical violators and 4) strategies to resolve ethical predicaments. This program is focused on practical ethical issues that are commonly encountered in a variety of clinical situations, including foster care management, child abuse/neglect reporting, excessive clinical workload environments, psychotherapeutic relationships, confidentiality, financial conflicts of interest and any other issues raised through audience participation. A variety of actual case examples are provided to illustrate these issues; however, examples of ethical problems from the audience will be used whenever possible.

The course is intentionally provocative. Ethical behavior, like all behaviors, is a skill that improves with practice, and this course will challenge your fundamental beliefs and standards. Expect audience participation to be lively and emotive.

  • Appreciate the distinction between rule-based ethics and value-based ethics

  • Have a systematic method to analyze ethical problems

  • Recognize that ethical predicaments reflect conflict in underlying values

  • Appreciate the dynamic interaction between personal ethics and institutional ethics

  • Have an understanding of the psychology behind ethical offenders

  • Develop a personal strategy to cope with ethical predicaments

  • Anticipate some of the emerging ethical dilemmas of the future

What You'll Learn

  • Develop a personal strategy to cope with ethical dilemmas

  • Learn how personal and institutional ethics interact

  • Appreciate the psychology of ethical violations

  • Learn about the emerging neuroscience of ethical behavior


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