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The Manager & Supervisors Guide to Delivering Criticism Discipline and Constructive Feedback With Authority Tact and Finesse On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Get the powerful how-to’s you need to positively and persuasively redirect employees who are off-track … plus the know-how you need to tackle even the most serious performance problems head on.

Course Description/Agenda

Ever lost sleep wondering what to do with an employee who has wandered
“off track”?

Take heart – at one time or another most mangers find themselves struggling
with difficult employee performance issues. After all, keeping employees on
track is one of the most difficult jobs there is. Yet, as a leader it’s THE most
important function you perform.

A New Way to Look at Performance Issues That You Know You Must Solve

The Manager & Supervisor’s Guide to Delivering Criticism, Discipline &
Constructive Feedback With Authority, Tact and Finesse arms you with the
know-how you need to deal with all your staff performance problems. In just one
day, you’ll learn how to confidently handle the conversations with employees
that you’ve been dreading. You’ll view your challenging employees with a new
insight ... ready to do what it takes to rid them of those work habits that are
bringing them (and everyone else around them) down.

A Rare Chance to Learn With Other Leaders Who Can Totally Relate to What You’re
Dealing With

This seminar is based on sound practices drawn from the real-world, which
means you get criticism and feedback principles that have stood the test of
time. You won’t get a day of theoretical lecture and the flavor-of-the-month
management techniques. Your employees have already heard those. You are going to
hear it straight from a training expert who has been in the trenches, too.

As an added bonus, you’ll sit shoulder-to-shoulder with others in your shoes.
You’ll have the opportunity to brainstorm and network with managers just like
you who are having the same kinds of problems in their organizations.

Get the Solid How-To’s You Need to Confidently Face All Your Employee
Performance Issues

By enrolling in this seminar, you are going to develop the essential skills
you need to …

  • Approach non-performers in a way that earns their trust

  • Give feedback in a way that fosters respect and cooperation

  • Gain a sincere commitment from employees to improve

  • Develop a solid plan for performance improvement

  • Coach employees with positive motivation techniques

  • Discipline compassionately, without being a pushover

  • Terminate non-performers who simply can’t or won’t do the job

Sub-Standard Employee Performance Is One of the Biggest Money Drains
Organizations Face Today!

Each year, organizations spend millions on poor-quality work, low employee
productivity, high turnover, negativism and absenteeism. You pay for it in time
and money. You owe it to yourself and your organization to get the training you

Don’t Let This Important Opportunity Pass You By – Enroll Today!

You’ll leave this seminar with new confidence, armed with the skills and
knowledge you need to evaluate and deal with your every performance problem –
guaranteed. See you at the workshop!

What You'll Learn:

When employee performance is off-track, as a leader it’s your job to get it
back on-track. It’s one of the toughest responsibilities you shoulder, yet one
of the most important.

That’s why we’ve created this all-new workshop … to give you the techniques,
tools and proven strategies you need to get the results you require.

  • Know when you are crossing the line between positive, motivating feedback
    and damaging, negative criticism

  • Find out how great managers get to the root of employee behavior problems

  • Know when employee behavior has crossed the line where discipline is no
    longer and option but an absolute “must”

  • Understand how to maintain your authority as a leader while still
    delivering feedback with tact

  • Learn why your body language and voice tone say volumes more than the
    words that are come out of your mouth

  • Master the fine art of finesse in winning employees over, even when they
    probably don’t want to hear what you have to say

Who Should Attend?

Do these situations sound all too familiar?

  • You have an employee who does a fine job with her work, but she just can’t
    seem to get along with other people.

  • Every time you talk to an employee about doing something differently, he
    immediately gets defensive and won’t listen.

  • You supervise people who are so negative that you go home every day
    feeling drained.

  • Productivity isn’t where it needs to be because employees aren’t taking
    initiative, and you don’t know what to say to jump-start initiative.

  • A few individuals are so resistant to change that you have trouble
    initiating needed changes.

  • When you’ve confronted employees about poor performance in the past, the
    behavior got even worse.

  • No matter how tactfully you address a performance issue, some employees
    overreact to what you’re saying.

  • You have employees who refuse to change behavior, even though you’ve
    addressed the issues several times already.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems and frustrations, this
results-focused day of training gives you the real-world solutions you need.

Workshop Agenda:

Performance Tracking: Understanding the Non-performers

  • The most formidable challenges in management

  • Top reasons people don’t do what they’re supposed to do

  • “Won’t do” vs. “Can’t do”: Know the difference

  • Assessing the procedure: Is it the problem or the solution?

  • Matching leadership styles with the situation: Why different employees
    require different approaches

Communication Essentials for Leaders

  • Using reflective listening to hear the real story

  • How to address poor performance and still leave the employee’s esteem

  • Opening the door for honest communication

  • Discussing a problem without pointing fingers and placing blame

  • National Seminars Group’s exclusive 4-point system for handling the
    nonperforming employee

Performance Reviews and Team Success

  • Document, document, document! Make sure you have all the facts before you
    get started

  • Managerial don’ts that could lead to hot water

  • 8 steps to positive prevention

  • The two most important questions to ask that cover all the bases

  • Self-rating plans: Do they work?

  • Getting a conversation going during the performance review

  • Drawing conclusions and future plans for commitment

How to Approach Specific Unwanted Employee Behaviors with Authority and Tact

  • What to do when your employee requires constant attention

  • Effective ways to get more commitment from employees just “doing time”

  • Charge up apathetic workers

  • Dealing with the work effects of an employee’s personal problems

  • Eliminating unwanted reactions to stress

  • Stop a negativity attitude from infecting the workplace

  • Easy techniques to deal with the know-it-alls, whiners and hostiles

Disciplining Compassionately

  • Putting the documentation together

  • Warnings: When and how

  • The Documentation Checklis


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