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Staying Calm & Confident in High-Stress Conversations On-Site Training

This LIVE, virtual course equips you with the strategies and tools you need to handle the most stressful situations without blowing your cool.

Course Description/Agenda

Heated meetings, difficult negotiations, angry confrontations…emotional, high-stress conversations are bound to happen in almost every workplace. While you can’t avoid these occasional intense exchanges, you CAN prepare yourself to manage them as effectively as possible.

This LIVE, virtual course equips you with the strategies and tools you need to handle the most stressful situations without blowing your cool. Discover new ways to remain calm even when the stakes are high, how to recognize your own triggers so you can bypass emotional reactions and focus on solutions instead, how to navigate even the most potentially turbulent situations with confidence — and how to repair the damage if you lose your composure.


  • Understand what causes emotional reactions
  • Recognize emotional triggers in yourself and others
  • Know the best ways to approach difficult discussions
  • Describe what to do when a conversation turns into heated exchange
  • Learn how to sidestep stress by creating a shared understanding
  • Discuss damage control and how to move forward after an intense interaction


Program time: 3 hours

Session 1: Understanding Emotional Reactions

  • Describe what causes emotional reactions
  • Discuss emotional triggers that could cause someone to have a blowup
  • Identify and learn how to effectively manage your triggers
  • Know how to recognize and respond appropriately to other people’s emotions

Session 2: What to Do When Conversations Get Heated

  • Use assertive communication to overcome emotions and focus on solutions
  • Concentrate on preserving relationships rather than blaming or victimizing
  • Establish boundaries for acceptable behavior during intense interactions
  • Assess and repair damage after a heated conversation

Session 3: Create an Atmosphere of Shared Understanding

  • Learn proven strategies for guiding a conversation to a productive outcome
  • Discuss the importance of defining problem and objectives in advance
  • Explain how active listening helps to pinpoint misunderstandings
  • Practice active listening techniques to gain deeper insight in others
  • Describe ways to move forward productively after an intense interaction


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