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Creating a Positive High-Energy Workplace On-Site Training

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Secrets to igniting enthusiasm in your workplace … the kind of positive energy that ignites extraordinary results!

Course Description/Agenda

Creating a Positive, High-Energy Workplace is an all-new program that draws from the collective wisdom of organizations and leading professionals who’ve mastered the secrets to creating great places to work. It’s an empowering day of sharing and learning where you’ll draw lessons from the real world on how to create a positive AND productive work environment.

Environment Matters. And Your Work Environment Is What You Make It!

Time and again, you’ve seen it. Two departments in an organization both face high pressure, change, stress, and production challenges. One department steps up to the plate with energy and enthusiasm … you know that anything is possible to these people.

But, when you walk through the other department, you can cut the tension, stress, and negativity with a knife. People don’t seem to get along with one another, morale is low – you can feel that no one wants to be there. So, what’s the difference? One group of employees has learned that their work environment is what they make it … and they chose to make it great!

Turn Negative Attitudes Around and Watch Productivity Soar!

Negativity is like a bad apple – before you can blink, it spreads through the whole tree. Maybe you’ve seen that in your organization – maybe even in your own department. One person’s constant negativity is bringing the whole team and production level down. But negativity won’t just disappear. It takes work and positive changes.

At this invigorating workshop, you’ll learn to identify the sources that spawn negativity and drain energy and how to combat them. And you’ll learn how to inject more fun into work (without risking others substituting fun instead of work!).

Minimize Turnover Rates and Create Loyal Teams Who Are Ready and Willing to Get the Job Done!

If your organization is like most, you have your fair share of uphill climbs, mind-numbing routine work and chaotic changes. The secret to creating an overall positive work experience for you and those around you rests in the culture you build along the way. When you attend this training, you’ll learn what it takes to move from merely “doing” tasks to true “engagement” … why a little levity in the workplace eases tension, reduces turnover, and makes the atmosphere more enjoyable for everyone – so you and everyone else wants to come to work.

More Fun on the Job Means Less Stress for Employees – and for You!

The value of this essential training cannot be overstated, because left unchecked, negative attitudes and low morale will drain your productivity and cripple your organization. You’ll find that your newly energized employees are more enthusiastic, far more productive and a lot more fun to spend the workweek with!

Don’t wait any longer to create a place where your employees will excel beyond your wildest expectations.

What You'll Learn:

Time and again, research shows that happy employees in upbeat work environments are far more productive, get better results, and are more loyal to their organizations than their unhappy counterparts.

A positive, energized workplace is within your grasp, thanks to the invaluable tools, strategies, and insights you’ll gain in this innovative workshop. The benefits of this training are enormous …

  • You’ll boost morale sky-high, leading to happier, less stressed employees and increased productivity
  • Employees will accept – even embrace – change rather than fight it
  • Negative attitudes will melt away, replaced by a “can do” spirit
  • You employees will produce better results and will achieve goals
  • Even routine tasks will become more fun!

Find out how today’s most highly successful organizations are reaping the financial benefits of creating positive, fun work environments – and how your organization can do the same!

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain crucial insights into increasing your bottom line by fostering an energized climate where anything is possible.

Workshop Agenda:

Accentuate the Positive: Lessons from Today’s Most Successful Companies

  • Prime examples of top organizations that reap enormous rewards from maintaining a positive, fun work atmosphere
  • Research confirms: Happy employees are more productive, more creative, and more loyal
  • Why negativity, stress, and poor employee attitudes have skyrocketed – and the toll it takes on organizations
  • What do today’s employees REALLY want from their jobs? The answers may surprise you!
  • Are organizational policies and procedures actually adding to stress and lowering morale? Common workplace practices to avoid

Creative Tools for Motivating and Energizing Employees

  • Understanding what motivates employees to perform 110 percent – and what de-motivates them
  • Creative low-cost rewards and incentives that motivate employees to give it their all
  • Keys to making every employee on your team feel important and valued by the organization
  • How to tap into your imagination to open up a world of unexplored solutions for creative positive, productive work climates
  • Fun, outside-the-lines mental exercises guaranteed to reignite enthusiasm
  • The morale-boosting power of sincere praise and an easy format for giving it on the spot

Anatomy of a Bad Attitude: How to Turn Negative Employees Into Positive Contributors

  • Understanding the underlying major causes of bad attitudes: common traits of negative employees
  • Is your department riddled with bad attitudes? See how it stacks up against the 10 characteristics of negativity-plagued work units
  • Techniques for dealing proactively with specific problem personalities: Chronic complainers, know-it-alls, the terminally unenthused, rule-breakers, excuse-makers and more
  • Should you intervene when coworkers bicker and have personality clashes, and if so, how?
  • Are you part of the problem? How your management style may be contributing to bad attitudes

Embracing Change and Overcoming Resistance

  • Understanding why people often instinctively resist change – and why organizational change often fails
  • Keys to introducing change in a way that employees will embrace
  • Tips for coaxing employees past “the way we’ve always done it” and into exploring new ideas, procedures, and ways of conducting business
  • How to project confidence that inspires people during change or transition
  • What you must do as a leader when people flatly refuse to embrace critical changes
  • When change is major: Keeping your team strong through reorganization, layoffs, and business downturns

Listen Up! Fun and Games for Reducing Stress and Boosting Morale

  • 20 imaginative ideas for injecting humor and lightheartedness into your work environment
  • Ask your employees! Getting input on how to make their jobs more challenging and interesting
  • Tips for spicing up the routine and putting variety into otherwise monotonous tasks
  • Recognizing and addressing signs of employee burnout and stress overload
  • Productive fun or goofing off? Important guidelines for keeping a relaxed atmosphere from getting out of control

Keeping the Atmosphere Positive, Upbeat, and Productive

  • Mutual respect and trust: Building the two key elements for a positive work env


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