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How to Be an Outstanding Communicator On-Site Training

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41 Ways to Develop Your Personal Charisma to Gain Respect and Win Over Others

Course Description/Agenda

How would you rate your interpersonal communication skills on a scale of 1 to 10? You’ve seen them around the office. Those individuals who are always recognized for their hard work … who hold the audience captive during presentations and meetings … and who always exude professionalism and grace no matter what.

What’s their secret? What do these superstars do better than anyone else? It comes down to one word: Communication. It’s no surprise that stage fright and verbal blunders can put a fast-track career in neutral. That’s why you can’t take chances with your personal communication skills. Attend this powerful seminar and become a “great communicator.”

In just one day, you’ll learn how to get support from employees and coworkers ... project a confident self-image ... and master the key communication skills that will influence the rate at which your career grows. You know that polished communication techniques are essential if you want to work more effectively with others, create better relationships with key people and build on your leadership potential. Whether you work with a handful of people or supervise hundreds, the practical skills you’ll learn will guarantee that you project poise and power in every situation.

Building on Your Strengths
In almost every situation, interpersonal communication skills are the key to getting your ideas recognized, accepted and implemented. That’s why the principles you’ll gain at this entertaining seminar are practical and easy to apply to everyday life.

You’ll learn how to strengthen your emotional bond with others, so they will look to you for guidance and support ... you’ll be able to quickly recover from the occasional verbal mistake ... and you’ll be able to use your people skills to gain greater respect and influence.

And, best of all, after attending this course you’ll quickly see how you can turn ordinary interactions into memorable business relationships.

Who Should Attend?

If you are a person of influence or desire to be ... if strong and effective relationships would help make you even more successful ... if you're an administrator, manager, supervisor, team leader, project leader, or a member of a team ... you must attend this dynamic training.

Workshop Agenda:

41 Ways to Develop Your Personal Charisma to Gain Respect and Win Over Others

The Ins and Outs of Interpersonal Communication

  • 5 unbreakable laws of listening
  • Simple guidelines for interacting with difficult coworkers or customers
  • The secret to speaking assertively while saying less
  • Common communication etiquette do’s and don’ts
  • Body language cues you can use to consistently project a calm and collected demeanor
  • What message are you sending? Using nonverbal communication to encourage positive responses from others
  • The “silent strategy”: How to use it and encourage the sharing of information
  • Give your ears a tune-up: Use this listening checklist to project a more charismatic image
  • How to apply artful persuasion techniques to win people to your way of thinking
  • How to avoid the 7 deadly sins guaranteed to kill your message
  • 8 tips for becoming a captivating voice for your company over the phone
  • Speaking with a smile in your voice to turn demanding callers into lifelong advocates for your organization
  • 7 magic words you must etch into your daily vocabulary to foster dignity, respect and power
  • 5 quick tips for turning every e-mail into a powerful communication tool

Timeless Principles of Leadership

  • How to apply your walk, your talk and your attitude to make yourself memorable to your boss and other higher-ups
  • Learn how use written requests to get time with your boss
  • How to win loyalty from others … with more than your charm
  • Tips for resolving conflict quickly (before it dampens your energy)
  • The dynamics of confrontation: Learn the language of winners
  • The secret to presenting a self-image that is courageous, fearless and bold
  • How to develop a healthy self-esteem and become a people magnet
  • A 10-step journey to better communication in a leadership role
  • Stick to what you say: Keeping the commitments that matter
  • Maximize your success in life: Discovering your personal communication power

Building Robust Relationships for Success

  • Networking etiquette vs. protocol: Using polished communication to create successful relationships
  • On-the-spot rapport builders you can use to reignite business acquaintances and old friends
  • How to work a room with prestige and authority
  • How to always offer a handshake that conveys power and conviction
  • Using proven networking techniques to deliver an unforgettable first impression
  • How to handle name lapses gracefully and reconnect without skipping a beat
  • 10 surefire ways to stand out in a crowd
  • Projecting your professional image: How to show off your style at your next business function
  • How to convey strength, courage and confidence when meeting people face to face

Managing Meetings With Style

  • How to be assertive and respected in meetings
  • The key to understanding your audience and how to reach them
  • Overcome stage fright: Turning fear into enthusiasm
  • How to deflect a personal attack with grace
  • The top 10 words you must avoid when presenting to a group
  • 9 pivotal steps to reduce stress before making a presentation
  • How keen is your self-preparation and how can it affect your success? Find out here
  • How to keep your “game face” on in a long meeting and always transmit energy


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