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The Complete Course on Interviewing People On-Site Training

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Finding great employees is tougher than ever. This training takes the mystery out of finding the best fit for any job!

Course Description/Agenda

Program Description

You may be finding that interviewing to fill a position isn’t what it used to be. The job market is changing. Your pool of possible candidates might be smaller, and it’s hard to tell if those candidates have what you need.

If you’ve ever made a hiring mistake, then you understand it has never been more important to find the perfect hire the first time. That’s why attending The Complete Course on Interviewing People is so important for you and your organization.

In just one day, you’ll master key interviewing concepts that will help you find the perfect fit for your organization in less time and with less frustration. And that’s just the beginning!

Master the Art of Reading and Measuring Job Applicants’ Skills
You have a strong sense of which characteristics are key to success, which skills are essential, and what personality traits are best suited for the position. Then comes the hard part: You need to know how to accurately measure each applicant’s knowledge and skills in each of the areas that are most important to you. You’ll gain dozens of proven methods for assessing and measuring applicants’ strengths and weaknesses and getting an accurate read on their skill level, attitude, and aptitude.

We’ll Make It Easy for You to Make Sound, LEGAL Hiring Decisions
Have you ever been frustrated by a hire that didn’t work? Do you wonder what to say, what to look for during the interview process? We’ll tell you what questions you can ask – and which ones you can’t – that will shed light on a candidate’s abilities. We’ll give you nonverbal cues to look for during the interview and the red flags should you look for in resumés. Plus, we’ll provide you with the legal requirements involved with interviewing and hiring so you stay out of court.

You’ll learn techniques such as:

  • Developing questions that will help you read between the lines of applicants’ answers
  • Decoding nonverbal messages: Find out what they aren’t telling you
  • Guidelines on testing skill sets: What you need to know before you use them
  • Getting to know their personalities and attitudes, and how to spot red flags before you hire
  • Ensuring your interviewing process is legally sound
  • And so much more

Gain the Skills You Need to Interview and Hire With Confidence
Your reputation is on the line each time you hire someone. That alone is stressful enough. When you attend this comprehensive training event, you’ll get the skills you need to interview and hire the best fit for the job the first time – every time. You’ll leave with the skill necessary to conduct in-depth, on-target interviews with confidence. Don’t wait another minute; make the decision to enroll in this course today.

What You'll Learn

  • The 10-point interview plan that takes the hassle out of the hiring process
  • How to establish rapport and put the interviewee at ease in under five minutes
  • Get to know the REAL applicant and if he or she truly has the skills you’re looking for
  • Creative methods for finding more qualified applicants
  • Learn the questions you should be asking to prevent costly hiring mistakes
  • How to asses technical job skills and accurately measure applicants’ abilities
  • Listening tips that will help you remember which applicant said what
  • Finally … find out what to do when none of the applicants really “shine”
  • Tactful ways to close an interview when the applicant isn’t right for the job

Plus – get dozens of solid “what to ask” questions that’ll help you assess critical characteristics and skills to make the right hiring decisions.

Who Should Attend?

Essential Training for Anyone Who Hires People! This training makes it easy to correctly read a candidate’s skill level, attitude, and work ethic.

Workshop Agenda

I. Before You Get Started: What Every Interviewer Must Know

  • The No.1 mistake interviewers make and how you can avoid it
  • The 3 common myths about interviewing and the facts behind them
  • How to keep a steady stream of candidates on file
  • Recruiting sources the pros use – and how they can help you
  • When to turn to professional recruiters and when not to

II. Streamlining the Interview Process for Today’s Job Market

  • Creating a 10-point interview plan that will help you fill ANY position faster
  • Screening methods guaranteed to save you time and frustration
  • How to use the Internet to enhance your recruiting and interview process
  • Creating advertising for openings that gets only the most qualified applicants
  • When and how to use the telephone for screening and interviewing
  • What to do when no one applicant really “shines”

III. Sharpening Your Interview Skills

  • How to create power questions to get the in-depth information you need to make the most informed decisions
  • Easy listening tips that make it easy to remember which candidate said what
  • Strategies for establishing rapport in the first five minutes of the interview
  • The No.1 rule you must follow when rejecting an applicant
  • Tactful ways to close an interview when you know the candidate won’t work out
  • Nonverbal messages: Finding out what they aren’t telling you

IV. Strategies for Avoiding Bad Hiring Decisions

  • The 6 types of applicants and what you should and shouldn’t say to them during the interview
  • The “Quadrant Selection:” What it is and how it will help you avoid expensive (and embarrassing) hiring mistakes
  • Guidelines on testing skill sets: What you need to know before you use them
  • Key areas you should focus on during an interview
  • How describe your culture to ensure applicants are a true fit for your organization
  • Getting references to open up and give you the information you need
  • Getting to know a candidate’s personality and attitude, and how to spot red flags

Special Section: Interviewing within the Bounds of the Law

  • Your legal rights as an interviewer and what rights your applicants have
  • Which questions are always off limits and which could get you into hot water if you’re not careful
  • 5 seemingly innocent questions you can’t ask under the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Federal regulations you could be breaking if you aren’t documenting correctly
  • Types of pre-employment testing that are legal and those that could land you in trouble


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