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How to Deal With Unacceptable Employee Behavior On-Site Training

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A One-Day Seminar for Managers and Supervisors

Course Description/Agenda

Program Description

Training that takes the frustration, confusion, and stress out of dealing with unacceptable employee behavior

When employees are off-track … they won’t get back on track by themselves. Your job as a leader is to step in and deal with these employees’ issues head-on.

If you’re like most managers, dealing with employees whose behavior or performance is subpar is difficult. Very difficult. That’s why it’s so very important that you attend How to Deal With Unacceptable Employee Behavior.

In just one day, you’ll master all the how to’s required to
handle any behavior problem you encounter tactfully,
fairly, and legally. Oh yes, and with a lot less stress and
frustration for you!

Get specific suggestions for “what to say” when handling dozens of the most common behavior issues with all types of difficult employees
Have you ever dreaded or put off confronting an employee because you were not sure what to say? Say goodbye to that worry! This training delivers dozens of specific suggestions for what to say in all different types of situations with all sorts of difficult employee types, including:

Types of Problems

  • Absenteeism and tardiness
  • Weak team skills
  • Failure to follow instructions
  • Unacceptable productivity
  • Poor work quality

Types of Difficult Employees

  • Whiners
  • Know-it-alls
  • Lone rangers
  • Troublemakers
  • Excuse makers

Protect yourself and your organization from wrongful termination and other employee-related lawsuits
Wondering what legal ramifications you might face from confronting an employee about unacceptable behavior? Here’s some good news for you: This training contains the facts … all the facts … you need to make sure you’ve covered your legal obligations when handling touchy employee issues.

Your credibility as a leader is on the line
Do you want to be seen as a bully or a pushover? Or, would you rather be seen as fair but firm … compassionate yet confidently capable? Like it or not, your entire staff, your peers, and your boss all judge you on how you deal with these few difficult employees. Boost your credibility as a leader. Make the decision to enroll in this workshop today!

What You'll Learn

Master essential skills required to resolve employee performance problems quickly and effectively

  • Tactful ways to open a difficult dialogue with an employee
  • Deal effectively with an employee who won’t admit his or her behavior is a problem
  • Why failure to stop unacceptable behavior will lead to even worse behavior in the future
  • Once and for all … know what you can say and what you can’t say when addressing a performance problem
  • Effective ways to respond when an employee reacts angrily toward you
  • The importance of documenting performance-related discussions
  • Protect yourself legally when disciplining or terminating an employee
  • And more!

Do you have employees who are so difficult to deal with you’re ready to pull your hair out? Spend one day at this seminar and you’ll get the how to’s you need to put an end to their unacceptable behavior for good!

Workshop Agenda

Communication Coaching – What to Say When

  • 3 things to say when an employee blames the problem on you
  • 3 words you should never use in a verbal warning
  • How to respond when an employee claims, “You’re not being fair”
  • How to save face when someone criticizes you in front of your employees

How to Improve Employee Performance

  • “Corridor Confrontation:” what it is and how to avoid it
  • How to avoid the 2 reasons some managers hesitate to counsel older employees
  • The ECS approach to avoiding buildups that can result in blowups
  • The one time you may want to put off confronting an employee

How to Conduct an Effective Discipline Session

  • The most important step in formal discipline
  • How to open a discipline session so you’re calm, confident, and in control
  • 2 ways to use discipline as your most effective employee development tool
  • What you must know about disciplining employees for breaking “unwritten” rules

Counsel and Discipline Employees for Positive Results

  • The wisest way to proceed when you’ve inherited discipline problems
  • 3 damaging discipline mistakes managers make and how avoid them all
  • How to prevent a counseling session from turning into a gripe session
  • How some managers encourage problem behavior without knowing it
  • 4 proven styles of disciplining and how to tell which is right for you

Legal Aspects of Employee Discipline and Termination

  • How to determine if your disciplinary procedures are legally secure
  • How employee privacy issues can affect your disciplinary process
  • The one time when the failure to discipline could land you in legal hot water
  • What you need to know about documenting employee discipline sessions
  • When termination is the answer and how to do it legally


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