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How to Handle Conflict and Confrontation On-Site Training

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Learn a positive approach that takes the stress, anxiety and frustration out of dealing with disagreements and conflict.

Course Description/Agenda

Dear Professional:

I have a confession to make, and one I'll bet you can relate to: I used to absolutely dread conflict of any kind. It's true!

I couldn't stand the thought of confronting someone over a work-related issue. I would either avoid confrontation completely or end up saying things I always regretted later. How I handled those situations cost me a lot in my professional and personal life. I had unresolved anger, lots of stress and frustration, and damaged workplace relationships. I lost time stewing, fretting and being mad, and worst of all, my productivity and job skills began to suffer.

But that was before I mastered the conflict-resolution skills taught in How to Handle Conflict & Confrontation -- a new one-day workshop coming to your area soon.

Unresolved Conflict Can Cost You Plenty
If you dread confrontation, chances are you could be paying a heavy price, at the expense of your career success and personal happiness. In just one day, you can learn the rock-solid conflict-management skills you need to succeed on the job and get ahead in your career.

At How to Handle Conflict and Confrontation, you'll discover how to get to the real cause of the problem ... how to disarm disagreeable people ... how to defuse tense situations ... how to handle anger (your own and others'). You'll also learn "what to say when" scripts for specific conflict situations that arise at work, so you will NEVER be at a loss for the right words again.

Mastering Conflict-Resolution Skills Will Change Your Life
We know that conflict comes in all shapes and sizes, and as long as two or more people work together, it will never go away. But if we don't learn to master the art of managing conflict, we will continue to hurt ourselves and others. The skills and tips you'll get at this workshop will change your life and put you in a position for amazing career success. You'll gain more cooperation from others, strengthen workplace relationships, enjoy your job more, be more productive, decrease your stress, and earn the respect of everyone you work with.

This program worked miracles for me, and it can do the same for you. Attend this workshop and you'll never again be reduced to hiding, avoiding, and blowing up during conflict and confrontation. Instead, you'll resolve it quickly, confidently and professionally.

Susan Enyeart
Director of Curriculum

P.S. A training opportunity this important is too good to keep to yourself. Bring your coworkers and save your organization a bundle: When 3 enroll, the 4th attends FREE!


I. Understanding Conflict - and Why It Makes Us So Uncomfortable

  • Exploring the basic causes of conflict
  • Proven strategies for minimizing causes of conflict so you can prevent disagreements from occurring in the first place
  • How fear of conflict can hold you back personally and professionally
  • Recognizing why avoidance, power plays, pouting, and manipulation never resolve conflict
  • The positive side of conflict: How you can benefit and grow from conflict

II. Conflict-Resolution Skills Guaranteed to Help You Work Through Disagreements

  • Mastering the 3-step A.C.E. method of conflict resolution
  • Exercise: Using problem-solving worksheets to diagnose what's really going on in a disagreement
  • Never place blame, and other big "don'ts" to avoid during conflict
  • Negotiating secrets that master diplomats use to resolve disagreements
  • Critical steps that lead to agreement
  • Self-validation: A powerful take-home tool that teaches you how to come out on top in conflict

III. Mastering Calm Confrontation: A Professional Approach That Will Improve Your Results Immediately

  • Do you dread confrontation? Steps for getting beyond the fear
  • Confrontation 101: How-to's for confronting someone in a calm, professional manner
  • Stop ... think ... use your head: How to avoid over-reacting
  • If anger or tears threaten: Proven techniques for neutralizing your emotions
  • What to do if someone gets verbally abusive during confrontation
  • How to respond when others try to drag you into an argument you don't want to be part of
  • Recognizing when its better not to confront

IV. Effectively Managing Your Anger - and That of Others

  • Basic must-know facts about anger
  • Anger management made easy: A 4-stage response to anger
  • How to get your point across without blowing your top
  • Your options when you've said something you immediately regret
  • Keys to minimizing antagonistic behavior
  • Tactics for defusing an angry person
  • Crisis management: What do when someone's anger threatens to turn into violence

V. Handling Conflict and Confrontation in Specific Tough Situations

  • "What to say when" scripts to guide you through common conflict-related situations
  • Techniques for dealing effectively with backstabbing, ridicule, and malicious gossip
  • What to do when you're challenged or put down in front of others
  • Tips for handling criticism without getting defensive or upset
  • Power tips for handling various negative behaviors of difficult people
  • "Kid glove rules" for handling confrontations with customers or clients

VI. Effective Communication: Your Key to Minimizing Conflict and Resolving Disagreements

  • The 3 C's of conflict communication
  • Essential communication skills for resolving disagreements
  • Conflict-escalating words that you should never use during confrontation
  • End mixed messages with clear communication
  • Assertive responses that can head off conflict before it starts
  • Active listening skills that help you hear what's really being said - and avoid misunderstandings

VII. Taking Care of No. 1 When the Stress of Conflict Takes its Toll

  • Recognizing the long-term health hazards of stress, anger, and unresolved conflict
  • Identifying and dealing with toxic stressors that lead to conflict in your life
  • Quick de-stressing tips guaranteed to help you keep your cool
  • Why you must let go of rage and self-pity if you care about your career - and your health
  • Negative self-talk: How to eliminate internal dialogue that can sabotage your best efforts
  • The 5-step process for reclaiming your self-esteem after a difficult confrontation


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