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Thinking Outside the Lines for Managers and Supervisors On-Site Training

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How to teach yourself and others to find innovative answers and make better decisions!

Course Description/Agenda

Program Description

Think for a moment about the tough challenges you face today. Focus on those pain-in-the-neck problems that seem to rear their ugly heads time and time again. Now, ask yourself why you haven’t solved these challenges yet. It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

Let’s face facts: The same age-old problems will undoubtedly come back to haunt you if you continue to apply the same old problem-solving paradigms to fix them. That’s why it’s so important that you take the time to step back and rethink the way you’re approaching your challenges.

And that’s why we have created, Thinking Outside the Lines, a powerful one-day workshop guaranteed to get you thinking differently.

It’s not about thinking MORE … it’s about thinking DIFFERENTLY
This intensive workshop was made for professionals like you – key decision makers whose organizations are counting on them for both the vision and the strategic thinking skills crucial to every organization’s ongoing success.

This workshop will teach you invaluable thinking tools and techniques that lead to true breakthrough solutions. It’s a no-nonsense, results-focused day of training guaranteed to help you find better ways to approach the real-world problems you face every day.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Break unproductive thinking habits that hold you back
  • Tap into – and build upon – the potential of every idea
  • Avoid costly mistakes using “what if” thinking
  • Challenge old assumptions about how your organization “must” run
  • Empower your people to perform at higher levels by using new thinking techniques

Become a true leader who nourishes new ideas
You’ll learn how to evaluate team members’ ideas in a way that encourages – rather than squashes – their creative processes. You’ll be amazed at what your people are capable of producing once you show them how to explore in new directions!

Tap into every ounce of idea power at your disposal!
To succeed as a leader today, you’ve got to be able to tap every ounce of idea power available to you, to think and plan and make decisions in a strategic new way. Thinking Outside the Lines trains you to do exactly that – in just one intensive day spent with other key business leaders and decision makers.

Make a commitment right now to attend this innovative workshop!

What You'll Learn

  • Jump-start your creative thinking skills in an imaginative, stimulating environment.
  • Find new solutions to problems that have plagued your organization – maybe for years!
  • Gain greater clarity and focus by challenging self-limiting perspectives.
  • Break negative thinking habits that squash creativity in yourself and others.
  • Get original ideas to flow quickly and naturally from now on.
  • Use new thinking techniques to launch strategic planning in new directions.
  • Sharpen your creative decision-making skills for stronger, faster decisions.
  • Fire up a team, a department, even a whole organization that’s grown dangerously comfortable with the status quo.
  • Learn how to accurately weigh the risk vs. reward of any new idea or plan.
  • Know where to look for your richest source of innovation.
  • Learn proven techniques for moving your team beyond “the way we’ve always done it.”
  • Get a rare chance to refocus your leadership vision and be inspired in a highly creative atmosphere.
  • Understand how you may be unintentionally discouraging innovation rather than encouraging it in your people.
  • Avoid the common thinking traps that stomp out good ideas.
  • Access more of your “idea power” than you currently do to generate idea after idea.

Who Should Attend?

Executives, managers, and team leaders from all types of organizations, big and small alike! If the same old way of doing things isn’t giving you the results you need today – this training is for you!

Workshop Agenda

Flexing Your Creative Thinking Muscles to Meet Today’s Complex Leadership Challenges

  • What creativity is – and isn’t – and why it’s a crucial leadership tool today
  • It starts with you: The 10 Rules of Creative Leadership
  • Thinking about how you think: Vertical vs. lateral thinking and convergent vs. divergent thinking
  • Automatic filters that affect your perception of the world and the way you think
  • Proven techniques for thinking more clearly and with greater focus in a world increasingly full of distractions

PowerThinking Tools for Moving Beyond “The Way It’s Always Been Done”

  • Why it’s crucial to challenge boundaries you once took for granted ... and the techniques to do it
  • The ABCs of PowerThinking – your ticket to “thinking outside the lines”
  • Understanding why negative thinking kills ideas, keeps you stuck, and reinforces the status quo
  • Habitual barriers to positive thinking
  • The importance of replacing “it can’t be done” with an “anything’s possible” attitude – and how to spread it throughout your organization

Getting Outside the Lines With Creative Problem Solving

  • Pitfalls of problem solving – and steps for avoiding them
  • Sidestep typical thinking traps that prevent you from reaching optimal solutions
  • Critical steps of strategic thinking that guarantee your action plan succeeds
  • Anchoring: What it is, how it can help you – and how it can hurt
  • Using the “Why 5 Tool” to determine what’s really important to you

Supercharge Your Creative Decision-Making Skills

  • Examine the thought patterns you use to make decisions – learn how they help you and how they hold you back
  • Dabbler, Obsessor, Hacker, Master: What’s your decision-making style?
  • 3 basic ground rules for making stronger decisions
  • Framing: How you look at a decision determines the degree of your success
  • Use “what if” thinking to predict decision outcomes

Generating Ideas That Turn Problems Into Opportunities

  • Get out of “stuck-in-a-rut” thinking and learn to promote innovative breakthroughs
  • Discover where your sparks for new ideas originate ... and where to find your richest sources of innovations
  • Paradigms: Where to look for the next generation of breakthrough ideas
  • Brain-linking, clustering, mindmapping, and other brainstorming tools: Tricks for generating lots of ideas quickly
  • Creating a “safe” working environment where creativity and new ideas can flourish

Putting Creative Ideas Into Action – for Unprecedented Results!

  • How to tell the difference between a great idea and a lousy one – it may not be as obvious as you think
  • Accurately plot the outcome you expect on the Scale of Likelihood – an essential step before the final “OK” or “no go”
  • Strategies for keeping bureaucracy from killing innovation
  • Leadership challenge: How to implement innovative ideas in a world that is still clinging to old habits and methods


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