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The Complete Course On Internet & E-Mail Marketing On-Site Training

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High-Impact Training For Marketing Pros Wanting A Competitive Edge In Today’s Interactive Marketplace!

Course Description/Agenda

Program Description

Personalized, e-mail based permission marketing has exploded across the landscape over the past few years. And why not? It’s a cost-efficient way to generate sales, increase customer spending and get your company’s name in front of thousands of potential new customers.

Which is why we invite you to attend The Complete Course On Internet & E-Mail Marketing, a dynamic, highly-interactive two-day workshop that will give you cutting-edge e-mail and Internet marketing strategies that you can begin implementing the moment you return to work.

Don’t Get Left Behind While Your Competition Reaps The Rewards!

If your organization has been slow to integrate e-mail marketing solutions into your current marketing plans (or maybe hasn’t even started yet), you’re losing more customers than you know to competitors who have embraced e-mail and Internet marketing.

With the strategies and techniques you’ll learn, not only will you add this amazing tool into your current marketing mix, you’ll make your “traditional” marketing efforts 10 times more effective. Plus, you’ll turn your company Web site into a virtual “money magnet” that brings in more customers than you’ve ever imagined.

Designed for both marketers with a well-established Web presence and those currently trying to build one from the ground up, this session goes beyond basic e-mail strategies or reporting of traffic volumes. You’ll learn to identify and utilize the latest approaches and innovations in measurement and conversion techniques.

What You'll Learn

  • The two most important factors in getting your e-mail opened and read
  • Techniques to boost your e-mail response rates
  • Tips on how to grow your e-mail list, including one guaranteed to double the number of sign-ups you receive
  • Five things you can do to make sure your e-mail doesn’t look like spam
  • Tips for creating compelling copy and the appropriate length to use
  • How to accurately measure and interpret your results, including industry benchmarks to compare against
  • Seven steps you can apply to instantly increase your search engine optimization results
  • Tactics for integrating both online and offline marketing efforts
  • How to get your Web site listed on the first page of leading search engines
  • How to maximize the use of ad banners and affiliate programs
  • Ways you can increase bottom-line results with viral marketing
  • About “hot spots” on your Web site and how they can pay big dividends
  • To utilize the latest in Web analysis tools to make better business decisions
  • The most common pitfalls of integrating multi-channel marketing and how to overcome them
  • And much, much more!

Who Should Attend?

  • Marketing professionals
  • Consumer marketers and business-to-business marketers
  • Business owners
  • Sales professionals
  • Creative professionals
  • Organizations that currently use e-mail and want to do it more effectively
  • Organizations wanting to get started with e-mail marketing

Workshop Agenda:

Fundamentals of E-mail and Permission Marketing

  • How to get started How to ensure your e-mail doesn’t get identified as spam
  • Building legally sound privacy and permission standards
  • Outsource or in-house? Who should manage and send your e-mails?
  • The Top 10 mistakes marketers make and how to avoid them
  • Killer words and phrases that can damage your ability to get your mail delivered
  • What you need to know to comply with CAN-SPAM
  • Benchmarking industry standards: Are you holding your own?

Driving More Traffic to Your Site With More Qualified Leads

  • Launching successful prospecting campaigns
  • Questions to ask on an online registration form to ensure both quality and quantity
  • Real-world examples of acquisition efforts that worked like a charm
  • Tips for sizzling copy and dynamic design
  • Cutting through the jungle of numbers and figures and focusing on the important results that matter
  • Techniques That Will Pump Up Your E-mail Address Database
  • Grow your database with these effective online and offline techniques
  • Secrets of appending e-mail addresses to your customer file
  • Weeding out invalid or undeliverable e-mail addresses
  • How to get your customers to do your work for you and update their preferences themselves
  • Simple motivation techniques that will get your customers to refer friends and colleagues
  • Case studies of how marketers have increased their list size

Building Customer Relationships in a “What Have You Done For Me Lately?” World

  • Creating – and following – a strategic plan for success
  • Breaking down the anatomy of an effective e-mail
  • How to create an e-mail newsletter
  • Advanced techniques that are surprisingly simple to execute
  • Why you need to develop customer segments
  • Setting up a doable e-mail schedule
  • 4 steps to effective campaign optimization
  • Learn from what worked: Real-world examples of effective communications and promotions
  • Breathing life into customers who have gone dormant

Making Multi-Channel Marketing More Successful With E-mail

  • Integrating e-mail into your direct mail, telemarketing and retail mix
  • Common pitfalls to avoid when developing and implementing a multi-channel plan
  • How savvy marketers use one channel to drive action in another
  • Why multi-channel shoppers are a “dream come true” for any marketing campaign
  • Case studies of what really works

Creating Alternative Revenue Streams “Interactively”

  • Reasons you may not want to accept banner ads in your newsletter
  • Times you’ll want to make your lists available to third-party offers – and times you won’t
  • Getting paid to add content to your site? Here’s how to do it!

Additional revenue-generating opportunities Using Search Engines, Ad Banners and Affiliate Programs More Effectively

  • The ins and outs of search engines and search engine marketing
  • The 7 steps of successful search engine marketing
  • Optimizing your home page and secondary pages to get listed higher in search engines
  • Should you buy keywords on search engines? Find out here
  • How to get others to link to your site and get your name out in front of even more people
  • Do ad banners work? The answer may surprise you
  • Building effective affiliate programs


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