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Best Practices in Accounts Payable On-Site Training

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Join your fellow A/P professionals for an incredible day of discovery as you examine the hottest trends and issues in accounts payable

Course Description/Agenda

Program Description

Capitalize on Today’s Best Practices in Accounts Payable

This interactive forum is the ideal place for discovering hot new trends in A/P technology, invoicing best practices, fraud prevention and so much more. Your day will be full of peer discussions, case studies, knowledge sharing, and networking.

Join your fellow A/P professionals for an exciting idea exchange

Best Practices in Accounts Payable 2006 is a unique workshop where you can share your ideas and get answers to your most challenging A/P issues – from professionals just like you. This exciting forum is the fastest, easiest way to get up to date on the latest, most critical issues impacting the A/P industry today.

With so much happening in accounts payable, who has time to implement new techniques and strategies only to find out they don’t work or cost too much money? From invoicing best practices, vendor file management, and compliance issues, this interactive forum opens the doors to all the hottest issues, trends, and techniques in A/P today!

Staying compliant with every regulation is no easy task

The A/P industry isn’t what it used to be and nothing has changed it more radically than the implementation of Sarbanes-Oxley. Then there’s 1099 reporting and Sales and Use Tax regulations. In this essential session you’ll discover the most critical aspects of every A/P regulation and where you could be at risk. You’ll also get the much needed answers to any questions you might have.

Tips in fraud detection and prevention – what you must know Nothing can cripple an organization faster than internal and external fraud. And you understand that better than anyone. This interactive forum answers all the questions you have about fraud.

What red flags should you be looking for in vouchers? What controls should you implement and enforce to prevent T&E abuse? Is there software out there for detecting fraud? You’ll find out all this and more at this forum.

Understanding and implementing A/P technology for maximum results

Undoubtedly, there is a lot going on in the A/P industry and technology is at the forefront. But what can be mystifying and incredibly frustrating is the number of options available to you.

In our special section on A/P technologies, you’ll not only discuss best practices for handling “mature” technologies like p-cards, but you will gain insight from your peers’ experiences with e-invoicing, imaging, electronic receipt settlement, electronic funds transfer and more. You’ll also find out about just-emerging technologies that may further change our field in the future.

Apply your new ideas, strategies, and techniques – for phenomenal results!

This all-encompassing program is the easiest way to learn best practices for improving your overall department. You’ll leave with dozens of new ideas and proven strategies you can implement immediately to help streamline and optimize the A/P process.

Make a commitment right now to join your peers for an exciting, information-packed learning event!

What You'll Learn

Best Practices in A/P Revealed — Get the Answers Here

  • How are other A/P professionals reducing the turn-around time on the invoicing process and eliminating the potential for duplicate payments?
  • What policies and procedures are other A/P departments using to detect and prevent employee fraud and abuse? Vendor fraud?
  • Is there any software available to help detect and prevent fraud? If so, which is most useful? What features should I look for?
  • Do other organizations set a dollar threshold for requiring T&E receipts? What are other organizations doing to prevent T&E abuse?
  • What are best practices for setting up new vendor accounts?
  • What strategies are other A/P professionals following to keep the master vendor file clean and up to date? To reduce the cost and/or time to process vendor payments?
  • What are other organizations doing to meet Sarbanes-Oxley compliance?
  • How are other A/P professionals reducing the increased workload and number of hours spent related to SOX compliance?
  • What are the most common mistakes made concerning SOX compliance?  What’s the best method for documenting our controls so they meet SOX regulations?
  • Should my company take steps to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley regulations, even though we aren’t required to? What are other organizations in this situation doing?
  • What changes have been made concerning 1099 compliance?
  • Are there any emerging compliance issues I need to know about?
  • What should my organization consider before outsourcing A/P functions? What experiences have other organizations had with outsourcing?
  • What questions should I ask prospective third-party providers to make sure we maximize ROI when outsourcing A/P functions?
  • What are common misconceptions about escheatment laws? What are the most common errors made in handling escheatment issues, and how can I avoid them?

SPECIAL SECTION: Choosing and using A/P technologies for maximum efficiency and ROI

This special section will explore both mature and emerging A/P technologies. Through peer discussion, you’ll find out which technologies your peers are using effectively – and which haven’t been worth the investment of money and labor. We’ll cover …

  • A/P automation systems
  • EDI/e-invoicing
  • P-cards
  • Document imaging systems
  • Auto-matching
  • Web-linking
  • EFT
  • IVR and IWR
  • And more


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National Seminars Group

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