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The Accounts Payable Workshop For Those New to AP On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Learn the Essential Skills of AP in Just One Day

Course Description/Agenda

Program Description

Learn the Essential Skills of AP in Just One Day – The Accounts Payable Workshop for Those New to AP is critical new training designed especially for professionals like you who are new to the demanding responsibilities of accounts payable. Fast-paced and information-rich, this program condenses the “most important of the most important” AP basics into clear, concise, easy-to-understand training.

AP Responsibilities Are Demanding – and Stressful As a professional that is new to AP – or someone who has recently added AP duties to your job – you’re no doubt more than a little overwhelmed with the challenges you now face every day. You’re under constant deadlines, your workload is overwhelming and you have the enormous responsibility of keeping track of what your organization pays out – accurately! And most importantly you know that even a single mistake on your part can cost your organization time and money. Talk about stress!

From invoices to government regulations, this training event will get you up to speed on the crucial job responsibilities of AP professionals – quickly and easily!

What You'll Learn

Critical elements for accurate 1099 reporting Power tips and shortcuts for reducing your massive workload The hottest NEW technology in AP and what it means for you The latest government requirements and regulations for handling payments of all kinds Simple strategies for setting up vendor accounts And much more!

Who Should Attend?

Accounts payable associates Accounts payable clerks Executive assistants Administrative assistants Small-business owners Those who deal with AP functions, even if they don’t work full-time in AP

Workshop Agenda

Elements of Highly Successful AP Pros

  • Understanding the important role you play in your organization’s “big picture”
  • Why your job is much more than “paying the bills”
  • Characteristics the best AP pros share
  • A review of critical AP processes, systems and procedures
  • Skills Practice: Test your accounting knowledge and see where you can improve
  • The ins and outs of auditing: What you need to know

Must-Know Vendor Set-up Strategies

  • Getting all the information you need to correctly set up new vendors
  • Setting up vendor controls and receiver controls
  • Understanding the most important rule in the vendor-supplier relationship
  • Tips for negotiating excellent payment terms
  • 7 hassle-free steps to getting approvals, documentation and complete information – the first time!
  • Terms and conditions that should be included in every agreement

Managing Your Workload Without Sacrificing Accuracy

  • Simple strategies for managing mountains of invoices
  • 6 questions every AP pro must ask about each invoice
  • Tracking tips to ensure you’ve received what you’re paying for
  • Maintaining current and accurate payment records
  • Identifying your biggest time-wasters and how to eliminate them

Staying Legal in Accounts Payable

  • What you need to know about year-end reporting
  • Essentials of accurate 1099 reporting IRS
  • TIN matching program and what it can do for you
  • The latest government requirements and regulations regarding how you should handle certain payments
  • Secrets to setting up files that will hold up under the toughest scrutiny
  • When you need to secure your files and when you don't

Must-Know Technology and Trends

  • The benefits of P-Cards
  • How computer-based receiving affects AP
  • The latest information on 3-way match
  • AP software that works for you, not against you
  • Emerging AP trends


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National Seminars Group

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