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The Basics Of Facilities Management On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Attend this seminar and learn practical techniques for safeguarding the care and maintenance of your facility.

Course Description/Agenda

Program Description:

You're lucky, it was someone who understood that people and buildings don't automatically work well together.

Shopping centers - corporate headquarters - factories - apartment complexes. All depend on facilities managers - like you - to make them user-friendly.

If you earned a degree in facilities management, you have a head start on how to successfully mix people and property. If you've inherited the position through a series of promotions or have taken on the duties of facilities management in addition to your regular responsibilities, you've probably learned what to do through on-the-job experience.

However, the facility became "your baby," now you have your hands full. You're in charge of a facility worth hundreds of thousands of dollars - maybe even millions. And it's up to you to ensure your facility is run efficiently - is cost-effective - and works for - not against - its users.

How can you be sure you don't make a costly mistake? Attend this seminar and learn practical techniques for safeguarding the care and maintenance of your facility. >The very next day on the job, you'll feel more confident about your decisions, more in tune with what users need and more aware of exactly how to better manage the huge responsibility you have.

Command The Respect You Need

Isn't it great when everybody goes home? Your facility looks and feels different - it's almost serene.

At times like this, you can really appreciate its beauty. The hallways look expansive - the lighting soft and caressing - everything's clean and tidy.

Come tomorrow when "the bodies" return, it's another story. You have to ride herd over people who don't see - or don't care about - your facility like you do.

Most people aren't intentionally disrespectful. They're usually just too busy going about their business to pay attention to how they close the doors - where they throw their cigarette butts - what equipment they leave running.

How can you hope to successfully integrate people with your facility? Come to this seminar and find out. You'll learn proven strategies for better communicating with users, solving the problems that contribute to user-abuse and coping with architectural features you wish you could change - but can't.

You won't be able to magically solve all your headaches, but you will return to work knowing how to conquer dozens of "what if" scenarios that all facilities managers encounter, at one time or another.

We Guarantee It

If you want to hear technical theories expounded by some stuffy expert who talks in scientific lingo, this seminar is not for you.

But if you want to learn practical techniques that have proven indispensable for facilities managers across the country, enroll today. We guarantee you will discover skills you can use to better manage your facility's operations, or we'll return your entire registration fee. You have our promise in writing.

What You'll Learn:

Expertly Direct General Operations

  • Where most facilities managers fall short - are you guilty?
  • The #1 reason why more signs aren't obeyed
  • 5 questions you should ask yourself before creating any form
  • Practical strategies to combat user abuse of your facility
  • What must take priority when you are developing policies, procedures and restrictions
  • Making budgeting easier with more effective expense-tracking techniques
  • Optimum levels of heat and humidity for user comfort
  • BONUS! Understanding the psychological effect of color, lighting, plants and carpeting

Extend Your Facility's Life

  • What you have to inspect every day - what you can let go until later
  • Playing the facility detective: Identifying and fixing hazards in the workplace
  • Improving the performance of your janitorial service
  • Uncover hidden hazards that primarily affect your custodial workforce
  • What to do when contracted work is substandard, sloppy or just plain wrong
  • Techniques to ensure top performance out of outside contractors
  • Assembling the single most useful checklist you can have
  • The only known way to put an end to graffiti

Run a Tighter Ship

  • Whose insurance company pays the claim when contractors have accidents?
  • The most important steps to take to keep operating costs in line
  • What to do before, during and after an official inspection
  • A great way to protect your budget from hidden costs
  • What accountants wish more facilities managers knew about depreciation
  • The most common cause of friction between facilities managers and users
  • "Unofficial" inspections that could save you a lot of headaches down the road
  • Curing "sick building" syndrome
  • The #1 time-saver when designing work space layouts
  • The secret to stopping unwanted solicitors once and for all

Better Protect Physical Property

  • What every facility manager needs to know about building inspections
  • Strengthening communication between you and your facility's users
  • The potential dangers of allowing unsupervised use of your facility after-hours
  • How to diplomatically handle emotional tenants and defuse explosive situations
  • Are "things" mysteriously disappearing? When to call in an official - when to investigate for yourself
  • Protecting your facility from criminal liability
  • How to control the movement of visitors
  • BONUS! A keep-by-the-phone script to follow if you receive a bomb threat

Who Should Attend?

  • Facility managers
  • Building owners
  • Anyone interested in building management


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