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How To Legally Collect Accounts Receivable On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Packed with techniques and shortcuts that will make your collection responsibilities easier and dramatically more effective

Course Description/Agenda

Pick any business in the country today, and you can bet one of the toughest jobs there belongs to the person who’s responsible for collecting overdue and unpaid accounts.
By its nature, collection work is difficult. The last thing debtors want is to be confronted by a collector’s call. Consequently, hostility and rejection become stressors that collectors must cope with daily. Add to that the frustration of keeping up with records, paperwork, legal issues and deadlines, and you have a colossal headache.
Fortunately, we’ve come up with a cure for that headache — this one-day workshop packed with techniques and shortcuts that will make your collection responsibilities easier ... and dramatically more effective.

How You Will Benefit ...

  • Turn excuses into payments
  • Become more assertive and effective in your collection efforts
  • Collect debts without damaging customer relations
  • Reduce the time, effort and stress involved in collecting accounts

What You Will Cover ...

    How To Collect More ... In Less Time

  • A proven method for collecting small debts economically and quickly
  • 4 negotiation techniques that will dramatically improve your success rate in collections
  • What you can learn from the country’s top professionals about collecting large accounts
  • A terrific 5-step system for boosting your telephone collecting power immediately
  • 3 tried-and-true ways to make sure debtors keep their promises
  • Avoiding the runaround — how to find the right person the first time
  • How to get a debtor on your side in the first vital 20 seconds of a call
  • 3 proven-effective ways to strike an agreement with a debtor
  • 4 little-known strategies for dealing with the professional credit abuser
  • When to hire a collection agency — and how to hire the right one
  • How to set deadlines for debtors
  • How to be tough with your collections ... yet keep the customer from getting angry

    How To Develop Communication Power

  • The 3 absolute best responses to a debtor who says "the check is in the mail"
  • 7 deadly sins of collection letters ... and how to avoid them
  • The single most effective way to deliver an ultimatum
  • How to spot — and head off — potential payment problems
  • 5 sure-fire ways to get an honest answer over the phone
  • How to eliminate the 4 "red-flag" words from your conversation that can damage your collection efforts
  • 4 compelling ways to get results with your first collection call

    Perform Like A Pro Through Self-Motivation

  • How to master the 6 self-motivation techniques of the country’s top collectors
  • How to develop the 1 quality collectors must have to succeed
  • A dynamic method for turning any objection into payment
  • A simple system of setting priorities to boost your cash flow now
  • How to overcome your fear of confrontations ... once and for all
  • 4 essential steps of effective pre-call planning
  • How to manage your time to get the greatest return

    What You Must Know To Stay Legal

  • How to collect 10 to 20 percent more in bad debts ... without having to use a lawyer
  • A simple 3-step method for getting out-of-town debtors to pay up
  • 2 situations in which you should absolutely not accept a payment check ... and why
  • How to put "legal bite" into your letters and phone calls
  • 4 legal definitions that can help keep you out of court
  • What — and how — you must document to stay legal
  • Is it worth it? A simple formula for measuring the cost of going to court
  • BONUS! 3 things you legally can't do when trying to collect bad debts

Who Should Attend ...

For business office managers, collection agents, bookkeepers, secretaries, small business owners — anyone who wants to collect more overdue accounts in less time.


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