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How to Motivate Manage and Lead a Team On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

You'll leave with exercises, activities and strategies for keeping teams motivated and creative

Course Description/Agenda

Whether your team has been around for years or it just formed, you're in for some tough times. Teams don't always "click" -- you've probably discovered this the hard way. And traditional management techniques don't usually work in teams. You need new, innovative methods ... and you'll learn them at this one-day seminar.
You'll leave with exercises, activities and strategies for keeping teams motivated and creative -- plus valuable tips for helping your team through tough times.

How You Will Benefit ...

  • Master the art of motivation
  • Develop strategies to strengthen teams
  • Confront people problems and overcome obstacles
  • Assemble more productive teams the first time

What You Will Cover ...

  • How to assess team performance without destroying morale
  • How to make sure goals and objectives are understood
  • How to overcome the common causes of team conflict
  • 3 proven models you can pattern your team after
  • What to look for when selecting a team leader
  • The top 4 reasons a team becomes dysfunctional
  • How to overcome burnout due to overwork and deadline pressure
  • Developing team guidelines you can live with
  • How to keep your finger on the pulse of your team
  • How to add new members ... without creating new problems
  • Coordinate team efforts to reach a common goal
  • How to remove problem people from troubled teams without causing even more difficulties
  • The key to maintaining the energy of high-performance teams
  • Eliminate "hidden agendas"
  • Sidestep the #1 pitfall when team members critique each other
  • The first step to take when a team is frustrated, stuck or squabbling
  • The secret to ridding your teams of cliques and one-upmanship
  • How to get team members to resolve their own differences and stop running to you all the time
  • 3 key areas where you must always have team participation
  • Managing different team cultures and work styles
  • How to refocus teams that have veered off track
  • Do incentive programs do any good? Find out here
  • How to keep dominant types off their soap boxes
  • Coaching the prima donna, the silent knight and the pathological problem
  • How to make sure team members have the resources they need to work
  • When all else fails -- how to restructure an ailing team
  • The only time anger will actually help you
  • How to put a stop to dirty tactics and turf-guarding
  • Should you ever sit in on a team meeting? The answer may surprise you
  • 3 ways to keep teams fresh, innovative and creative
  • How to challenge teams to constantly improve
  • 1 question to avoid at all costs when asking for team results
  • How you can motivate teams to jump the hurdle to creativity
  • How to keep team members excited about their work
  • How to turn conflict into motivation
  • Team motivation vs. individual incentives -- deciding which is best for your team

Who Should Attend ...

For managers, supervisors and other leaders responsible for building teams and ensuring they produce results.



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National Seminars Group
National Seminars Group

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