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Conducting Employee Performance Evaluations On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

You'll gain insight you can use to conduct more thorough and legally-sound employee evaluations.

Course Description/Agenda

As a manager, you may not feel truly comfortable when you're evaluating employees. You may even think that reviews make little or no difference. Perhaps you worry that the comments you give will hurt employee morale. With this course, you'll gain insight you can use to conduct more thorough and legally-sound employee evaluations.

How You Will Benefit ...

  • Feel more confident during review time
  • Get the results you want from employees
  • Improve your skill at giving feedback - both positive and negative
  • Better handle difficult evaluation decisions

What You Will Cover ...

  • Why employees really fear reviews … startling new facts every manager must know
  • 5 evaluation pitfalls that can surprise even the pros, and how you can prevent them
  • How you can sidestep the 4 most common stressors managers face when evaluating employees
  • 2 critical steps you must take when planning the performance review
  • 5 things employees expect from you during an evaluation session
  • Current Case Studies: Examine the impact performance appraisals have in today's courtrooms
  • How to keep an angry employee from bad-mouthing you after the review
  • What to do when an employee doesn't take your criticism seriously
  • The #1 mistake managers make when criticizing employees … and how you can avoid it
  • How to find out how your employees really think you are performing
  • Subtle ways to keep sensitive employees from getting their feelings hurt
  • How to smooth ruffled feathers when an employee takes your criticism too personally
  • How to criticize in a way that boosts an employee's spirits
  • 4 powerful skills for evaluating an employee with a bad attitude
  • What you must do if an employee disagrees with your evaluation
  • How to stay objective when evaluating an employee you just don't like
  • A proven 3-point plan for evaluating any employee fairly
  • Important precautions to take when evaluating an employee who's also a friend
  • Are you overlooking a favored employee's flaws? Here's how to tell
  • How to protect yourself now against courtroom battles
  • "Upward Appraisal" - how to use this proven technique to increase productivity
  • How the increase in 360° Feedback is affecting the evaluation process up and down the corporate ladder
  • The secret to beefing up an average performance
  • 3 types of feedback that will motivate superstars to accomplish even more
  • How to keep quiet employees from clamming up during the review
  • 4 ways to feel comfortable giving positive feedback when you're not the nurturing type
  • 4 questions that will get employees to open up during the evaluation session
  • How to know in advance what an employee's reaction will be … and how to prepare for it
  • How to handle an employee who brings up sensitive or personal issues during a formal review

Who Should Attend ...

For managers and supervisors who want to learn more about conducting fair, legal evaluations and make the entire review process an integral part of improving employee performance.


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