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The Basics of Knock-Your-Socks-Off Customer Service On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Learn the fundamentals of providing superior service that knocks your customers' socks off

Course Description/Agenda

Learn the fundamentals of providing superior service that knocks your customers' socks off.

How You Will Benefit ...

  • Confidently work "one-on-one" with all types of customers
  • Deliver service that earns the praise of both customers and higher-ups
  • Maintain a sense of calm and focus in stressful service situations
  • Gain the skills that make work less confrontational and more rewarding

What You Will Cover ...

    Master Knock-Your-Socks-Off Customer Service Basics

  • How good are your customer service skills? Take this self-audit and see how you measure up to the pros
  • How to treat customers like friends and still maintain a professional working relationship
  • 3 statements the pros use to make sure first-time buyers come back time and again
  • How to avoid committing the 10 cardinal sins that drive customers straight to the nearest competitor
  • Find out the secrets to avoiding burnout
  • How veteran service reps keep customers for life
  • IMPORTANT: The 1 maxim every service rep must follow to the letter - otherwise, your service means nothing to customers
  • How to make customers feel they're receiving top-quality service, even when you can't deliver everything they want

    Make Every Customer Feel Like They're Number One

  • Expert listening techniques that let customers know they have your undivided attention
  • How to read the subtle signs that tell you a customer isn't 100 percent satisfied
  • 4 winning phrases that let customers know their satisfaction is your top priority
  • The best way to deliver bad news without upsetting the customer
  • Steps you must take to regain a disappointed customer's trust and dedication
  • 5 deadly phrases many reps use that destroy customer goodwill - and what to say instead
  • 9 pivotal actions you can take to project a more professional image

    Handle Difficult Customers With Confidence

  • A simple phrase that diffuses hotheads in seconds so you can get down to resolving their problems
  • The best way to work with customers when their requests are unreasonable and to get them to compromise
  • Proven strategies for dealing diplomatically with the 5 types of tyrannical customers who drive all reps crazy
  • How to help customers realize when they're wrong and come up with a solution that lets them save face
  • 2 valuable methods for weathering customer fury
  • How to recognize and effectively handle customers who can't ever be satisfied - without losing their business
  • 9 stress-busters that will alleviate tension and allow you to stay calm and collected when you're under pressure
  • How to convince Doubting Thomases that you can and will do something about their problems

    Go Above And Beyond Customer Expectations

  • How to show customers that you sincerely value their business, without being sappy or melodramatic
  • A great technique for anticipating customers' needs - even before they do
  • How to avoid breaking promises and deliver service that goes the extra mile every time
  • 3 steps for following up a purchase to ensure that customers are absolutely, positively satisfied
  • How to take the first and most important step toward delivering exceptional customer service
  • Why complaining customers are one of your most valuable resources … and how to reward them

Who Should Attend ...

For front-line service personnel and business professionals with daily customer contact who want to learn the fundamentals of providing superior service.


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