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Safety & Security Measures for Front-Desk Personnel On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Learn to recognize and handle security problems, stop trespassers and unauthorized visitors in their tracks, and keep trouble-makers out of the office and off the phone

Course Description/Agenda

Did you know ...

#1- Violence is the second leading cause of fatalities in the workplace ...

#2 -20 people are murdered and 18,000 more are assaulted each week ...

#3 - Each workday brings another 16,400 threats made and 43,800 employees are harassed ...

#4 - 25% of full-time workers report being harassed, threatened or attacked on the job!

These numbers are staggering -- and keeping an eye out for violent behavior is only ONE of your many duties.

Enroll in this dynamic workshop and learn to recognize and handle security problems ... stop trespassers and unauthorized visitors in their tracks ... and keep cranks and trouble-makers out of the office and off the phone.

What You Will Cover ...

    Manage The Front Desk With More Authority

  • How to keep your guard up when the phone, visitors, delivery persons and employees all demand your attention at once
  • Say “No” with confidence and authority so others will know you mean it
  • Create your own procedures that make accepting deliveries safe, efficient and hassle-free
  • Believe it or not! Most thieves already know where valuables are hidden — how you can stop them from having a field day in an open office
  • Master different forms of body language that show people you are not intimidated
  • How to quickly recognize and field phone callers who are fishing for confidential information

    Outfox Potential Troublemakers

  • How to look, act, and sound like the no-nonsense receptionist your boss expects you to be
  • How to defuse “hotheads” before they cause a scene
  • Familiarize yourself with typical criminal profiles to head off trouble before it starts
  • Recognize the 2 innocent questions many thieves ask before they strike
  • When you get the feeling that things just aren’t right — how to develop and use your sixth sense
  • Learn how to keep people from verbally “walking all over you”
  • How to confront — and stop — people who try to slip by you
  • Simple methods that’ll allow you to secretly call for help
  • Clever ways to get rid of pushy, unwanted salespeople
  • How to sense when a difficult person is becoming a security problem . . . before it’s too late to act
  • How to avoid the 1 thing that makes every threatening situation worse

    Handle Stressful Situations Without Losing Your Cool

  • Bomb threats . . . a step-by-step script you can use to keep yourself and everyone in your office safe
  • How to correctly report emergencies that could put your company in legal hot water
  • When a crisis strikes — what your supervisor will expect from you
  • Tips on creating your own emergency procedure manual
  • Why dialing 9-1-1 isn’t as simple as pushing 3 buttons . . . what you’ll be expected to know
  • Proven phone techniques that will calm even the most angry callers
  • Life-saving strategies you can put to use when threatening people are in your lobby

    Master The Basics Of Security

  • How to safely get through the parking lot, lobby and other “danger zones” before and after normal working hours
  • Security practices police officers say you need to make a habit of
  • Keep your dignity and your reputation intact by properly handling flirtatious people
  • Don’t become a statistic — warning signs that someone’s planted a bomb in your lobby or in your mail
  • How recordkeeping can stop bad situations from coming back to haunt you

Who Should Attend ...

For receptionists who are expected to recognize and handle security problems . . . stop trespassers and unauthorized visitors in their tracks . . . and keep cranks and trouble-makers out of the office and off the phone.


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