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Administering Supporting & Troubleshooting Microsoft Windows 2003 On-Site Training

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Learn Everything You Need to Know About Windows 2003 in Two Fast-Paced Days!

Course Description/Agenda

Administering, Supporting & Troubleshooting Microsoft® Windows 2003

Join us for two information-packed days of training that give you the essential know-how you need to get the latest Microsoft OS technology up and running!


Program Description

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Windows 2003 in Two Fast-Paced Days!

The verdict is in ... MS Windows 2003 is a revolutionary upgrade over Windows NT and 2000 and it works!

Windows 2003 helps success-minded organizations – just like yours – do more with less by providing the best options for today’s cost-conscious business. Users of Windows 2003 found they could operate their server infrastructure with greater efficiency and productivity leading to maximum savings for their overhead.

But make no mistake: Windows 2003 is dramatically different from 2000 and NT. Virtually every aspect has been changed and improved. Its advantages are vast, but with more options and features come new complexities and more hurdles to clear.

That’s why we’ve developed this comprehensive new workshop: Administering, Supporting, & Troubleshooting Microsoft® Windows 2003. Get expert insights and discover which installation methodology will best meet your organization’s unique needs ... explore the active directory at the heart of 2003 ... find out how to select the optimal networking protocol for your OS ... understand which key resources to monitor and optimize.

Filled with insider information you simply can’t learn elsewhere, this intensive workshop is the fastest, easiest way to build your skills in Windows 2003. Learning side by side with your IT peers, you’ll get a full-scale briefing on the key information you need to run and manage a reliable, rock-solid network that fully supports your end-users.

What’s more, you’ll get tons of tips, tricks and shortcuts for maximizing Windows 2003’s amazing new upgrades and features.

During two comprehensive days of training, you’ll ...

  • Discover the new features of Windows Server 2003 and how they will impact your network
  • Secure your Windows network from inside and outside attacks
  • Understand the inner-workings of this latest operating system from Microsoft
  • Successfully upgrade your systems
  • Create an Active Directory implementation plan that is fool-proof
  • Master the new Group Policy Management Console and all its new features
  • Uncover the important new Volume Shadow Copy tool that will save you hours of downtime
  • Determine the best way to install and configure Terminal Services for your network
  • Use the built-in troubleshooting tools to save time and effort
  • Unlock the secrets of the command line to save yourself hours of repetitive work

This comprehensive workshop was developed to address your real-life, day-to-day challenges. Whether your organization is already running Windows 2003 … is ready to make the switch to 2003 from 2000/NT … or is considering implementing Windows 2003 for the first time, this workshop delivers critical information and strategies that will prove absolutely invaluable.


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