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How to Excel as an Administrative Professional On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Discover how to control your workload, build your credibility and earn the respect you deserve as a valued member of the team

Course Description/Agenda

Program Description

Today’s administrative professionals have traveled light years from the “Gal Friday” who screened the boss’ calls and fetched coffee a generation ago. Now you juggle countless details and schedules, master office technology, organize in the midst of chaos, meet the needs of multiple supervisors, solve problems, manage resources and save the day — time after time.

The trouble is, there’s no official handbook for perfecting all the essential skills you need to excel in your demanding job. If you’re like most assistants, you’ve gotten the bulk of your training on the job in that well-known “School of Hard Knocks.” But now there’s a much faster, easier and better way to hone your skills: How to Excel as an Administrative Professional, an intensive one-day workshop that will literally cut years off your learning curve.

Discover proven solutions for taking control of your massive workload
This comprehensive program is results-focused, devoted to giving you proven solutions to the specific challenges you face every day. Just for starters, you’ll learn how to increase your productivity by minimizing interruptions ... how to manage multiple priorities with ease ... how to improve your work processes ... how to find a filing system that works for you instead of against you.

Learn to handle difficult people and uncomfortable situations with confidence
One of the major benefits of this exciting program is that you’ll learn dozens of assertive responses for handling situations that once made you uncomfortable. Imagine the surge of confidence you’ll feel when you deal with confrontation calmly, squash potential conflict before it occurs, build working relationships with people you once found difficult— and through it all, you’ll project a professional image that commands respect!

Master assertive communication principles — and get what you need
You’ll also learn how to be a stronger, more effective communicator — a crucial skill that will serve you well throughout your career. Find out which words and phrases may be robbing you of credibility and how to say “no” without causing resentment or feeling guilty. What’s more, you’ll discover tips and tricks for being a better “electronic communicator,” so that e-mail is a time-saver in your day instead of a time-waster.

Be inspired by a highly motivating trainer who’s been in your shoes
Your guide for this intensive training experience is an expert who has been in your shoes and will share colorful stories, “behind the scenes” insights and countless “power tips” you simply will not hear elsewhere. You’ll get all your questions answered, be motivated and inspired. Plus, you’ll spend your day of learning enjoying camaraderie with a room full of fellow professionals. Expect to leave feeling rejuvenated, energized and ready to conquer the work at hand.

Become indispensable in your crucial role
By attending, you’ll strengthen the skills you already possess, learn powerful techniques that will increase your productivity, and gain the insight you need to build your credibility – and earn the respect you deserve for the vital contributions you make to your organization.

What You’ll Learn


  1. Get credit for the important contributions you make.
  2. Use assertive behavior and communication to get what you need in every exchange.
  3. Handle difficult people with ease — and say goodbye to frustration and stress.
  4. Eliminate the time-wasters in your day, and your productivity will soar!
  5. Bring your boss solutions instead of problems, and earn instant respect.
  6. Adopt prioritization principles to put things first and never again work in chaos.
  7. Say “no” when your plate is full, without causing resentment or anger.
  8. Conquer every type of interruption and free up time for both you and your boss.
  9. Increase your knowledge of business etiquette and become the ultimate professional.
  10. Position yourself for promotion or further career success.
  11. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being better organized.
  12. Avoid power-robbing mannerisms that make others take you less seriously than you deserve.
  13. Choose a filing system that’s right for you and put an end to the “paper blizzard.”
  14. Become more accountable and watch your credibility skyrocket.
  15. Use e-mail more effectively.
  16. Maintain positive work relationships — even with those you’re in conflict with.
  17. Become indispensable to your boss in 7 key ways you’ll learn in this workshop.
  18. Face confrontation head-on, calmly and confidently.
  19. Partner with your boss to achieve your goals.
  20. Capitalize on your inner strengths to become an exceptional, take-charge assistant!

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Special Message to the Approving Manager

Each and every day, you depend on the administrative professional who’s requesting your approval to attend this workshop — which is why you’re probably wondering if you can really afford to have this employee out of the office to go to training.

Our answer? You can’t afford NOT to.

Here’s why: By “getting by” without this employee for just one day, you’re making an investment in skill-building training — an investment that will pay dividends for years to come in the form of increased productivity, improved efficiency and greater job satisfaction for this individual.
When your assistant returns to the office after training, you can expect this employee to ...

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