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Super Effective Techniques for Collecting Accounts Receivable On-Site Training

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Collecting Accounts Receivable is an intensive day of learning designed to get you up to speed fast on the nuts-and-bolts issues involved with collecting overdue money.

Course Description/Agenda

Collecting Accounts Receivable is an intensive day of learning designed to get you up to speed fast on the nuts-and-bolts issues involved with collecting overdue money. Filled with invaluable tips, how-to's and legal dos and don'ts, this essential workshop for any professional whose job involves collecting money covers all the bases, in just one day.

You'll discover dozens of secrets successful collectors use to get debtors to pay up fast, such as how to turn the telephone into your most powerful collection tool, how to handle every excuse under the sun, how to deal with angry and abusive people and how to write collection letters that get the job done.

In addition, you'll learn what you need to know to avoid legal missteps that could get your organization in hot water. You'll leave this workshop armed with the tips, tools, and techniques you need to be more productive, more effective and more confident; not to mention less stressed on the job.

What You’ll Learn

  1. Get accounts current while still maintaining goodwill with valued customers
  2. Overcome debtors' excuses, lies and complaints
  3. Soothe irate and irrational customers with techniques that work like a charm
  4. Keep your organization out of legal hot water by knowing exactly what your legal rights and limits are
  5. Bring in more money with your collection letters
  6. Deal with abusive, angry customers without losing your cool
  7. Use instant rapport builders to win debtors over to your way of thinking
  8. Make your job easier and less stressful with dozens of practical tips
  9. Get your receivables organized and keep track of them with less effort
  10. Stay in control of the telephone conversation when debtors try to steer you off track
  11. Avoid mistakes commonly made by those who aren't skilled in the art of collecting
  12. Work successfully with outside collection agencies
  13. Avoid forgetting to follow up when you said you would by using tickler files as a reminder
  14. Know exactly when and how you should consider legal action on past due accounts
  15. Deal with customers with more tact, skill and confidence

Who Should Attend

  • Accounting Professionals
  • Customer Service Managers
  • Small Business Owners
  • Collections Professionals
  • Salespeople
  • Credit Professionals
  • Bookkeepers
  • Financial Managers


Workshop Agenda

Managing and Controlling Your Receivables: Setting the Stage for Getting the Money You're Owed

  • When is it time to collect? Understand when it's time for action-and what action to take
  • How to steer clear of the collection mistakes made most often
  • Does your company's credit policy ease or impede collections?
  • Tools of the trade: staying organized and in control of your massive workload
  • Why no business can afford to ignore collections
  • Power techniques for keeping track of what you're owed
  • What you can do to prevent many accounts from becoming past due
  • The importance of using up-to-date and accurate information

Secrets of Successful Collectors Revealed

  • Putting yourself in the debtor's shoes: why people don't pay
  • Why you'll be more effective in collecting if you make it as painless as possible for the debtor
  • How to stay positive when you're surrounded by so much negative energy
  • Keys to establishing a rapport with debtors that helps you collect more money fast!
  • Smart tactics that help you ease the debtor's defensiveness
  • Maintaining goodwill so you don't lose potentially good
    long-term customers
  • When to turn up the heat-and when finesse will get you further, faster
  • Be consistent-always follow up when you say you will
  • Tactics to use when a debtor blatantly lies
  • How to handle "special" collections situations-including when a debtor writes a bad check, how to get full payment from someone who thinks a partial payment is enough, and more
  • When-if ever- should you agree to settle a balance for less than the total amount owed?

The Telephone as Your Most Powerful Collections Tool

  • The importance of adopting a positive frame of mind before you make the call
  • Maintaining a client status report-important info you need to keep tabs on
  • Getting past the gatekeepers who prevent you from speaking with your debtor
  • When's the best time to make collection calls?
  • Should you ever put a debtor on hold?
  • Li


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