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Administrative Professionals’ Conference unlike anything you’ve ever attended — one that celebrates the kind of excellence exemplified by people like you.

Course Description/Agenda

Letter From Conference Chair

Dear Professional ...

It takes a truly special individual with a unique set of skills to do your important job well. You’re the backbone of your organization, a hardworking, critical team member who keeps things running smoothly and efficiently for others. And many days you’re expected to be a mind reader and miracle worker as well!

We think it’s high time you celebrated the vital role you play as an administrative professional — which is why we’ve pulled out all the stops to bring you a truly special event, one you’ll still be talking about for months to come! Visualize inspiring speakers, insightful topics, lively learning sessions, an optional luncheon filled with laughter and fun, the chance to make new acquaintances and friendships, and you’ll start to get the picture of what we’ve got in store for you.

Chock-full of tips, techniques and tools you can use immediately, our exciting learning event offers you sessions on boosting your assertiveness for a more confident, more powerful image … minimizing interruptions so you can maximize productivity … dealing with prickly personalities with greater ease … working more effectively with competing demands for your time — and that’s just for starters.

Imagine how amazing it will feel to turn your attention away from everyone else for once and focus JUST ON YOU and your professional development. To learn shoulder-to-shoulder with and enjoy the rich camaraderie of fellow professionals who share your challenges and understand the true value of the enormous contributions you make to your organization.
This is an Administrative Professionals’ Conference unlike anything you’ve ever attended — one that celebrates the kind of excellence exemplified by people like you. So don’t miss out on all the fun this learning experience has to offer you.

Because let’s face it: You’ve earned it! Enroll today and join us for a much-deserved retreat from your office pressures and daily responsibilities — and a spectacular conference designed JUST FOR YOU!

Sharon Yoder
Conference Chair

P.S. Stay for a second day of terrific, information-packed learning! Our in-depth, post-conference workshops on How to Communicate With Power and Influence and Balance and Stress Reduction Solutions are exceptional sessions you won’t want to miss.

Session Descriptions

Set Your Own Agenda! Our unique tracked format allows you to attend only those sessions that interest you and meet your needs. Following the opening session, you'll choose four of these information-packed one-hour sessions.

Opening Session: Celebrating the Vital Role of the Administrative Professional — Today Is “All About You!”

Today’s administrative professionals do it all! As an integral member of the management team, you’ve got to be a great problem-solver, a quick decision-maker, a scheduling magician, a savvy communicator, a strategic time and resource manager — and that’s just for starters. This entertaining opening session offers you a revealing look at exactly how much your hard work, relentless effort and important contributions impacts your organization, including its bottom line. It’s a fun-filled conference opener filled with insight, laughter and fun — and the focus is on YOU!


Track 1: Professional Development


Session 1A: Success Tips for Handling Difficult People

Are the “bad apples” in your workplace driving you nuts, wasting your valuable time and energy and adding to your stress load? Discover what makes them tick and learn stress-free ways to deal with the chronically difficult people who make life miserable. This eye-opening session will give you practical but powerful techniques to help you handle these individuals quickly and effectively, whether they are co-workers, customers, upper management – even the boss!

Session 1B: Managing Interruptions

Ringing phones. Chatty coworkers. People who pop in on you for no apparent reason and then stay and stay. If these interruptions sound all too familiar, attend this incredible session and find out how to put an end to the time-robbers that waste your day and put your productivity in the dumpster! You’ll learn dozens of easy-to-use techniques and strategies guaranteed to minimize your interruptions from now on.

Session 1C: De-Junking Your Life

If you’ve ever said to yourself in complete frustration, “I’ve GOT to get organized,” this fast-paced session is the solution you’ve been waiting for! You’ll discover dozens of powerful tips, shortcuts and practical “how-to’s” that’ll help you transform your life little by little from cluttered chaos into well-organized efficiency. Apply the tips you’ll learn and you’ll be far more focused and organized, no longer distracted by the piles of stuff that need to be handled!


Session 1D: Managing Projects and Priorities

When everything on your desk is labeled “hot” and “URGENT,” how do you decide which task or project to work on first? Project management is becoming an increasingly important aspect of every administrative professional’s day, which is why this session is devoted to proven “how to’s” for juggling priorities without letting anything fall through the cracks. Find out how to take the chaos and indecision out of managing your heavy workload.

Session 1E: Gettin


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