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Supervision 101, Complete guide: Everything you Need to Know and Do On-Site Training

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This seminar is ideal for those who are new to supervision or would like to brush up on their skills

Course Description/Agenda

This seminar is ideal for those who are new to supervision or would like to brush up on their skills. This will work especially well for those who were newly promoted from other positions. This course is a complete review of all the skills and tools needed in order to maximize performance of employees and avoid common problem areas.

This course will assist attendees with the following issues:

  • How to learn the unwritten rules of the organization, and rewrite them if you have to.
  • How to deal with or dodge political issues that can cause you serious harm.
  • How to build the best team: recruitment and selection issues
  • How to address poor performance or bad behavior from your employees or others.
  • How to deal with uncooperative coworkers
  • Performance appraisal tools and issues
  • Time saving tools and tips
  • How to deal with bullies, and survive.
  • Many other topics

Transition from co-worker (in the work group) to boss

It is important to note that this seminar will have a special section for new supervisors who have been promoted from within the company. This will give skills, guidance, strategies with how to deal with: coworkers, subordinates who have issues as well as senior management.

Change Management:

There will also be significant time dedicated to change management and how to initiate change that is necessary in an increasingly competitive environment. There will be discussion on: prioritization, how to communicate change, and how to get buy in and support from all the stakeholders.

Additional seminar material:

  • Establish goals and objectives, how to make new connections to ensure your success, how to communicate for the short term and the long term.
  • Effective communication strategies
  • Prioritize: know when to stand your ground and when not to...
  • Tools for garnering respect up and down the organization
  • How to engage employees to obtain superior results and performance
  • How to handle terminations and other tough situations.
  • How to handle personal issues that impact the workplace
  • Handle discipline issues like a professional.
  • Proven time management skills to make you more efficient.
  • And much, much more!

What our Customers are Saying...

"I love this training�it was all here and the seminar leader was super sharp�
HR Rep, Marquee Auto Parts Manufacturing Corp.,

Don�t be fooled!

All of our seminar leaders:

  • Carry the highest level of certification (Senior Professional in Human Resources or Senior Certified Professional).
  • Have a Master�s degree or higher in the field of Human Resources
  • Have at least 20 years of HR experience, with real world/real time corporate perspective.
  • Will field questions and issues from participants during breaks or the presentation regarding your specific issues or situations if you like--Free Consultation from an expert!
  • Our competition does not meet this standard. Anyone can read slide from a presentation!


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