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How to Legally Terminate Employees With Attitude Problems On-Site Training

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Protect the integrity and productivity of your work environment by removing problem employees – professionally and lawfully

Course Description/Agenda

You’ll learn …

  • How to identify red flags in your employees’ behavior early … before it becomes an issue
  • Tips on navigating the legal land mines that face many companies when starting the discipline phase of the process
  • How to create and document “litigation-smart” cases against employees if your efforts to turn them around are failing
  • Important guidelines to handle termination sessions with self-assurance and professionalism

Don’t be the reason your company gets hauled into court

It’s true … every day former employees are winning court cases against their previous employers that could have been prevented from ever getting that far. They weren’t model employees by any means—and their dismissal may have been well deserved—but somewhere along the way, a manager or member of HR misspoke in a discipline session (or neglected to have one altogether) … incorrectly documented what happened … or made a mistake during the termination process, which led to a lawsuit.

Learn the most common and costly mistakes managers and HR pros make during the process of disciplining—and potentially terminating—employees with unacceptable attitudes and destructive behavior. There are countless chances to make a mistake during this stressful time. We’ll give you the latest tips and proven methods so you’ll be 100 percent confident that you’ve handled every step the right way.

After just one day, you’ll go back to the office confident that your procedures will be legally sound and that you’ll know how to implement and document the path to termination step-by-step.

You owe it to yourself—and your team

Employees with attitude and performance issues can kill the team spirit and camaraderie of a department or an entire organization in an instant. As a manager, it’s your job to nip it in the bud quickly so you don’t potentially damage the terrific relationships you’ve worked so hard to build with your staff. But you MUST do it the right way—or you can end up in a costly court battle.

We’ve packed this training day with critical information that business pros like you need to keep your department free from the toxic attitudes that can drain your time and drag down your results.

And many more answers you’re looking for! Give us one day and we’ll show you how to spot future trouble, address issues correctly and keep bulletproof documentation to legally support your decision if termination is unavoidable. Enroll today!

Program hours: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Successfully connect bad attitudes to poor performance behaviors and problems

  • Connect the dots between attitude and performance issues—of the employee or others around them
  • How the courts define insubordination (are employees undermining your authority?)
  • What to do about “good performers” who have know-it-all attitudes
  • Identify and address when negative attitudes negatively impact the performance and attitudes of others
  • Sidestepping the one critical mistake managers often make when their personalities or lifestyles clash with an employee’s
  • The most effective way to confront workers who won’t admit they have an attitude problem
  • Extra steps you’ll need to take when trying to catch compulsive liars and other slippery characters

Address and discipline employees with bad attitudes that contribute to performance issues

  • Finally! A way to catch and document employees who badmouth you behind your back
  • How to communicate the tangible impact of attitude on performance
  • 3 tips that’ll tell you when discipline won’t work and an employee must be fired
  • Can you discipline or fire ADA- and FMLA-protected employees for poor attitudes and performance? Definitely!
  • How to handle the employee who gets work in on time but constantly hassles co-workers
  • What to do when an employee claims your efforts to correct a negative attitude are violating his or her freedom of expression rights
  • What to do about the cavalier employee who says “Go ahead … try to fire me”

Build a “litigation-smart” termination case

  • The best way to document the employee who goes on a power trip every time you leave the office
  • One time when it’s legally smarter to not fire troublemakers
  • How to handle the employee who refuses to sign a written warning
  • How to avoid documentation slipups that can be used against you in court
  • 3 rules for dealing with hypochondriacs who abuse—but don’t violate—your sick-leave policy
  • What attitude situations you can and can’t fire over
  • The smartest way to record “critical incidents”

Handle firing sessions with more confidence

  • How to take the guilt out of firing an employee with an attitude problem
  • 2 rules you must follow when letting the hotheaded employee go
  • Avoiding the one method of firing that can destroy your staff’s loyalty and confidence in you
  • The 4 bases you must cover before dismissing any problem employee
  • A tried-and-true technique for silencing employees who want to argue about being let go
  • What to say when letting go of employees who are liars, manipulators, hotheads, know-it-alls and more!
  • If you get sued—how to make sure it’s not just your word against the ex-employee’s


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