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It's Not About Price: A Two Day Seminar On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Hear how to open the door to any decision-maker, increase customer- and market share and book more business more profitably. Gain competitive advantage as you take away scores of proven, pay-off practices.

Course Description/Agenda

Day One - Value Selling In Today's Market

  • How to win with value, not price.
  • Are you a value-adding salesperson?
  • Being marginalized. Good or bad?
  • Gross Margin. It ranks with oxygen.
  • How to sell the way people want to buy.
  • Needs analysis: surface-level selling.
  • Be an expert but don't act like one.
  • What Jack Welch adds to the conversation.
  • The most productive skill you can employ.
  • The 70/30 Rule.
  • What you sell (not products or services).
  • The truth about price objections.
  • Price grinders. Where to bury the bodies.
  • Perceived vs. performance value.
  • Your unfair competitive advantage.
  • Clinch any sale with these three questions.
  • 72% of all business problems relate to (---)?
  • Top tips for presenting your ideas, solutions.
  • Do you want to go first?
  • How to help buyers hear what you have to say.
  • What buyers want from you before low price.
  • Purchasing agents. The lowdown.
  • Who makes price the issue?
  • Misfiring with your value proposition.
  • Discounting: the unintended consequences.
  • Up-front price vs. total cost of ownership.
  • Reducing perceived risks. A big deal.
  • You don't get what you don't ask for.
  • The one and only ‘close' you need.
  • No such thing as negative feedback?
  • Premiums buyers will pay every time.
  • How do you add value now?
  • Five steps to selling more profitably.
  • Establishing relationships that take root.
  • Do a favor or ask a favor? You choose.
  • How to surface concerns that kill sales.
  • Defense: nailing the back door shut.
  • Your Bum/Hero opportunity.
  • Undivided attention. How to capture it, hold it.
  • Today's five most common selling mistakes.
  • Opening buyers' minds from the get-go.
  • Two things you have to live with.
  • Differentiate yourself or die trying.
  • What buyers most like to see in you.
  • Answering the unasked question.
  • How and why to listen people into buying.
  • Seven steps to winning more bids and quotes.
  • What does customer satisfaction buy you?
  • How to bullet-proof your relationships.
  • Why carry competitors' business cards?

Day Two - Moving Decision-Makers

  • Who or what do you compete against?
  • Newton's First Law of Motion.
  • Why sales degrade into no decision.
  • How to help buyers decide in your favor.
  • What you bring that competitors don't or won't bring.
  • Understanding net gain. What it means to you.
  • How to use power tools in your selling.
  • Phrasing and timing that make differences.
  • Too little or too much information?
  • Offering options: the pros and cons.
  • Preparedness. Get out what you put in.
  • Onboarding decision-makers, influencers.
  • Gaining insights that lead to sales.
  • Four probes that pay off.
  • Constructing status questions.
  • Constructing issue questions.
  • Your Prompt Sheet. Solid gold.
  • Go or no go? It's about risks.
  • What people buy are outcomes.
  • The reason that sounds good vs. the real reason.
  • Constructing implication questions.
  • Constructing solution questions.
  • Five ways to draw people out.
  • How to ask better business questions.
  • Why people – not companies-- buy from you.
  • Active vs. latent needs: your selling opportunities.
  • Where your biggest sales potential resides.
  • Positioning for positive gain, negative aversion.
  • Finding the opportunity in an objection.
  • Preparing for and pre-empting objections.
  • We're satisfied with our current supplier.
  • We had a bad experience with your company.
  • Finding the motive that moves a buyer.
  • Newton's Third Law of Motion.
  • Avoid mismatching, find agreement.
  • Today's stereotypical salesperson.
  • Let me think it over.
  • I can get the same thing for less money.
  • Your price is too high.
  • How to defer answering the premature price question.


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