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How to Comply with Cal/OSHA On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

A comprehensive 2-day update in workplace safety issues and the latest CAL/OSHA regulations

Course Description/Agenda

Because you do business in California, you're facing some of the toughest OSHA standards in the nation.

Right now you have more than 3,000 pages of additional regulations. And, Cal/OSHA keeps adding guidelines -- often before they're adopted at a federal level.

It's scary. After all, you've heard the horror stories -- companies just like yours getting fined thousands, even millions of dollars, for making compliance mistakes.

So the last thing you need is to miss -- or misunderstand -- a Cal/OSHA regulation and have your organization slapped with an expensive citation.

But is there a way to guard against fines and violations without wading through confusing manuals the size of telephone books or hiring an expensive safety consultant?

Attend this intensive two-day Cal/OSHA workshop and gain the skills you need to protect your company from a costly compliance error. After this power-packed session, you'll confidently develop Cal/OSHA training sessions and safety plans. And, you'll know how to eliminate potential hazards ... what areas DOSH inspectors zero in on ... and much more.


Sharpen Your Cal/OSHA Know-How

  • 3000+ additional pages of regulations! How Cal/OSHA goes above and beyond federal standards
  • SKILL PRACTICE: Practice required-by-law procedures to report a worksite accident
  • How to develop a Haz Com plan that'll pass Cal/OSHA's stringent standards
  • What OSHA won't spell out for you: Critical employer rights every California manager should know about
  • How to ensure your 300 Log can withstand the scrutiny of a DOSH investigator
  • CASE STUDIES: Examine actual court cases of companies that got on the wrong side of Cal/OSHA ... and how you can avoid these legal pitfalls

Ensure Every Employee Is In Compliance

  • TRAINING EVALUATION: Determine what types of training your employees must have to stay in compliance
  • Does your Lockout/Tagout training meet today's Cal/OSHA requirements? Find out here
  • Questions an investigator may ask your workers ... and how you can be held liable if they don't answer correctly
  • How to use the "buffer-zone" technique to ensure all your training programs meet Cal/OSHA's requirements
  • How to get employees to take safety regulations as seriously as you do
  • 2 simple -- but extremely effective -- actions you can take to make safety training stick with your employees Guard Against Job Hazards ... And Fines
  • 3 must-follow rules for monitoring your facility's compliance ... break these and your audit records could come back to haunt you
  • A proven-effective method you can use to get employees to report hazards to you (instead of Cal/OSHA)
  • How to determine if a job risk is so great you should exceed Cal/OSHA requirements
  • Expert insight on how to identify ... reduce ... and eliminate ergonomic hazards
  • Is it worth it? Need-to-know pros and cons about Cal/OSHA's employer consultation services
  • COMPLIANCE EXERCISE: Practice using your new skills to conduct a job hazard analysis

Confidently Stay Inspection-Ready

  • A valuable hot-spot inspection sheet covering where investigators search for problems first ... and the tough questions they'll ask
  • 4 ways to build up a "good faith" relationship with Cal/OSHA
  • ACTIVITY: Practice showing records ... answering questions ... and going through the inspection process without getting nailed for a violation
  • How to get -- and keep -- your employees and facility prepared for an inspection
  • A step-by-step guide to taking a citation through the Cal/OSHA appeal process
  • Even if you meet current standards -- how to avoid getting cited under the General Duty Clause


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