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Best-Practice Strategies for Successful Interviewing and Hiring On-Site Training

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Hire Exceptional Employees (Not Exceptional Interviewees)

Course Description/Agenda

46%of new hires don't work out. Within 18 months, they are either fired, receiving poor performance reviews, or getting written up. All too often that means the person hired is simply the best at interviewing -- not the best person for the job.

This is a unique opportunity to gain advanced interviewing and hiring techniques you can use to determine which applicants will become outstanding employees. So you can quickly identify your strongest candidates and avoid getting stuck with people who nail the interview but swiftly transform into problem employees after they're hired.

Avoid Expensive Hiring Mistakes

One bad hire is all it takes for you to instantly lose productivity, training, and recruitment costs, as well as the time you spent interviewing and assessing candidates. It's quickly adds up to an extremely expensive, time-consuming mistake.

For salaried positions, this can set you back anywhere from $25,000 to $300,000. Even hourly employees can cost you plenty. Just one bad hire for an $8-an-hour position can lose your company $3,500 in average turnover costs.

Quickly Find the Right Person for the Job

When it comes to hiring, most managers and HR professionals are under intense pressure to get someone on board fast. That's why we'll show you exactly how to streamline your hiring process without sacrificing the quality of your applicants. So you can quickly find your strongest candidates and weed out potential problems faster.

Plus, you'll discover the secret to finding top talent that not only has the right skill set but is also the right fit for your company. This popular workshop is specifically designed to help you save time and avoid costly hiring mistakes. So be sure to reserve your place at this special training event today.


Streamline the Interviewing and Hiring Process

  • Where does your interviewing and hiring process need to improve and get you better results?
  • Considerations when involving others to participate in interviews
  • Set yourself up for success with tools and forms for consistent interviewing
  • Keys for building a productive relationship with your recruiter to get the candidates you want

Understand and Practice the Legal Aspects of Interviewing and Hiring

  • Considerations for completing background checks and screening
  • Employment laws you need to understand and follow:
    • Protected classes
    • EEO
    • ADEA
    • ADA
    • Title VII
    • USERRA
  • Interview questions and practices that legally cross the line
  • Electronic application submissions and interviews Identifying

What You Want in a New Employee

  • Prepare a firm job description and profile of job duties
  • Assess and identify attributes of a successful candidate
  • How your organization's work environment plays a factor
  • Identify the difference between the most qualified candidate and the best-suited candidate
  • The ins and outs of testing
  • Identify the unique considerations of working remotely

Conduct Effective Interviews That Get You Further Through the Decision- Making Process

  • Facilitate a structured interview process:
    • Components of a screening interview (phone)
    • Components of the first live interview
    • Components of the second interview
    • Components of the final interview
  • Best interview questions
    • How to use behavioral-interviewing techniques
    • How to use situational-interviewing techniques
    • How to use emotional and social intelligence-based questions
    • When to use open and closed questions
    • The best questions to ask that screen potential red flags with a candidate
  • How to evaluate responses that help spot potential problems
  • Set the environment for learning about the candidate
  • How to keep the conversation flowing
    • How to get dialogue vs. yes/no responses
    • When to stop talking and listen
  • Involve other interviewers
  • Close the interview
    • How to spot (and weed out) potential bad hires
    • Next steps -- you like them and want to keep the dialogue going in further interviews and discussions

How to Reach the Best Decision for the Company and the Candidate

  • Complete background checks and references and credit checks and mandatory testing
  • Dos and don'ts of using social media to learn about candidates
  • Questions that help you find the best candidate
  • How to identify the candidate who is best suited for the position and for the work environment

Make the Offer -- Best Hiring Practices

  • Hiring mistakes and how to avoid them
  • 5 keys for an effective hiring process
  • How to make an offer
  • How to make your new hire a successful employee

FREE -- Your workshop desktop resource. This valuable desk reference will be yours to keep when you attend this workshop.

  • Contains all the advanced interviewing techniques covered in the course
  • Valuable checklists you'll refer to time and again
  • Step-by-step guides for each stage of the interview process
  • Dos and don'ts of interviewing and hiring
  • Legal updates and compliance issues
  • Hiring and candidate selection strategies


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