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Discover industry best-practices ... get dozens of new ideas ... and save time with essential content marketing dos and don'ts

Course Description/Agenda

Is Your Content Standing Out in Today's Crowded Marketplace?

More than 50% of companies have a content marketing strategy -- including your competition. Are you standing out in the crowd? Are you beating your competition and rising to the top? Are your customers engaged with your content and your brand?

Learn How to Develop and Maintain a Strategy that Delivers Results
You can't get results without a solid plan. This workshop gives you the strategies necessary for building and maintaining an effective, agile content marketing strategy that delivers results. You'll save time and money when you learn essential best practice strategies for developing a plan that makes sense for your organization, your customers, and your budget.

Get Proven Tactics to Integrate and Execute Your Plan
A plan is only as good as the tactics that get it out the door. This workshop delivers real-world, tested strategies for taking your content to your customers and prospects. You'll learn about social media, SEO and SMO, and keys for measuring your results.

Develop the Right Content to Engage Your Customers and Prospects
No matter how much content you need -- and every organization is different -- it all has to be relevant to your buyer personas. You'll learn how make every piece of content you produce engaging to the reader or viewer ... ensure that it raises and strengthens brand loyalty ... and verify it is legally (and ethically) safe for you to post.

In just one day, you'll learn how to create, implement, and measure a results-producing content strategy. Just think of the time, stress, and energy you'll save.


Content Marketing -- Cutting Through the Clutter to Find Out What Really Works
A look at the state of content marketing in today's world ... what it is and what it isn't ... and how to tell if you're doing it the right way. It's a fact that many consumers -- especially those under 30 -- have learned to tune out and shut off traditional marketing mediums, and smart marketers know it is becoming less and less effective. But the world of content marketing is vast and seems to change daily. Get the lowdown on the state of content marketing as it is used today.

 Content Marketing 101: Getting the Basics Right
Not all content is created equal. Find out which type of content will work best for the audience you want to get.

  • How to test your content type to see what kind works best for your audience
  • Educating other decision makers about the importance of content marketing in 2014 and beyond
  • Why impatient people will fail at successful content marketing

How to Personalize and Align Your Organization's Vision and Mission
Being able to articulate and hone your corporate vision into all your content is vital to your marketing success. Learn how to make your brand stand head and shoulders above your competition.

  • A 4-step exercise to help you articulate your company's values and vision
  • How to add value to your content that guarantees you will build a strong connection with the community you're trying to reach
  • Creating your company's editorial style that will apply to all your content whether it is print, video, blogs, and more

The Dos and Don'ts of Creating Compelling, Engaging, and Evergreen Content
Online content is not just the occasional text article posted on your site. Learn what kind of content is drawing viewers, and what you could be missing.

  • The lowdown on video, podcasts, interactive materials, research, and infographics, and how to use them
  • How to make sure your content is evergreen. (And if you're not sure what that means, PLEASE do not skip this session!)
  • When do you create content internally, and when is it better to get outside help? Find out here ...

Resources for Using Social Media Effectively and Efficiently
One content marketing expert once said, "If content is the gasoline, then social media is the fire!" Learn why you must spend time building your Google+, Twitter, Facebook profile, and more.

  • How to build your organization's social profile to take full advantage of content marketing
  • Turning a reader into a fan -- the life cycle of an avid follower on social media
  • The top social media tools your brand should be using to measure social listening, responding to customer comments, creating and managing campaigns, and more

Using SEO and SMO to Electrify Your Online Presence
If you think search engine optimization is just keyword repetition and directory submissions to give your link profiles a boost, you're living in the past. Discover how modern SEO is central to every content marketing strategy.

  • How important is keyword research to content marketing?
  • Revealing the complicated relationship between organic search and promoting your content
  • Using SEO to measure the effectiveness of your content and optimizing it to produce greater ROI

Content Marketing Analytics: The Numbers Never Lie ... Right?
Learn how to test your content marketing efforts and get numbers behind what you're doing to make the best business decisions.

  • How to deal with content marketing typically yielding indirect ROI -- and how to explain that to higher-ups
  • What numbers matter most in content marketing? Traffic ... conversion rate ... share rates ... and more
  • Avoid the biggest mistakes marketers make when it comes to analyzing Website metrics


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