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Legally Hiring and Managing Independent Contractors and Temporary Employees On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

You'll learn about the issues surrounding the mounting problem of employee misclassification and how to create a paper trail that will protect your company.

Course Description/Agenda

Are you 100% sure your company is legally protected when it uses temporary or independent contract workers?

The federal government and the IRS now spend insane amounts of time, money, and manpower to crack down on companies misclassifying temporary workers and independent contractors (ICs). When you consider the billions of dollars in unpaid taxes and revenue misclassified workers can cost the government annually, it's not surprising. But it can cost you in so many ways as well. So how can you protect yourself and your company from potential lost productivity, damaged morale among your staff, and miles of paperwork?

Get your classification questions answered quickly and without expensive consultants!

Join us for this eye-opening, plain-English workshop for managers, supervisors, and HR professionals who hire and manage temps and ICs at work. In just one fast-paced day, you'll learn about the issues surrounding the mounting problem of employee misclassification ... how to avoid the most common -- and costly -- classification mistakes ... and how to create a paper trail that will protect your company -- and YOU -- in case a claim is ever made against your organization.

Save time and money, avoid legal headaches, and protect your bottom line.

No matter what term you use to describe them (seasonal, interim, contractual, freelance, or consultant in the white-collar world), there can be serious repercussions when temporary or contract workers are misclassified. In addition to the various federal, state, and local agencies that may assess fines and penalties for misclassification, there is the potential for individual and class-action lawsuits. Protect yourself and your company from needless trouble. Enroll in this informative workshop that answers all your questions today!


Framing the Issues

  • Classification
  • Independent contractor vs. employee
    • Indicia -- independent contractor
    • IRS/common-law tests
    • ABC Test used by some states for unemployment insurance purposes
    • What you must do to document a contract employee's independent contractor status correctly
  • Ramifications and penalties for misclassification
    • Tax issues
    • Benefit issues
    • Impact of including contract/temporary workers in company events and meetings
    • Workers' compensation issues
    • Payroll/overtime issues
  • Non-payroll temporary employees and the "control" issue
    • Right to control not only the outcome of work, but also how it is to be performed
    • Impact of "right to control" on how workers are managed and supervised
    • Impact of "right to control" on use of host employer's equipment and facilities
    • Civil rights laws
    • OSHA issues

Temporary Staffing Services and Professional Employer Organizations

  • Differences between temporary staffing services and a PEO
  • Temporary staffing services
    • Services offered
    • Contractual relationship between employers and temporary staffing agencies
    • FMLA issues
    • Hiring a temporary worker to be a payroll employee
  • PEOs
    • Services offered
    • Contractual relationship between employers and PEOs
    • Benefits generally
    • FMLA issues

Temporary Payroll Employees

  • Recruiting issues
  • Onboarding issues, e.g., W-4, I-9
  • Benefits
  • Supervision

Discipline and Discharge

  • Documentation and reporting
  • Dos and don'ts
  • Legal considerations


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National Seminars Group

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