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How to Prevent & Handle Workplace Incivility On-Site Training

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Discover how you can eliminate workplace incivility and create a more collaborative, respectful, and productive team!

Course Description/Agenda

Apparently common courtesy isn't so common anymore ...

Workplace incivility -- behavior that's not necessarily meant to cause offense but often comes across as rude, thoughtless, or simply unprofessional -- is a growing problem for many companies.

Reduce Negativity and Turnover

More than a quarter of employees report they've already quit a job because of an uncivil work environment. Unfortunately, most never report uncivil treatment because they don't think it will be taken seriously. Instead, 94% of employees retaliate ... 66% intentionally decrease their work efforts ... while 26% simply quit because they aren't being treated with courtesy and respect.

No wonder incivility and the stress it causes is costing U.S. businesses $300 billion a year. It's a very expensive but solvable problem and is the reason we created this unique workshop.

Increase Collaboration and Productivity

Come to this powerful training program, and you'll discover the fastest, most effective techniques for targeting these toxic employees and stopping incivility once and for all. You'll gain proven strategies for increasing respect and cooperation between team members (even when they disagree) and see employee productivity and problem-solving skills soar.

Take your leadership skills to the next level and learn how to build the kind of positive, high-performing teams that get results -- and get noticed for all the right reasons.


Recognize and Address Workplace Incivility

  • What it is and what it looks like
  • Understand your own workplace social behavior patterns
  • Assess leadership contribution and behavior patterns
  • Recognize early warning signs and how to trace them back to the root cause
  • How and why people ignore it or encourage it
  • How to identify the basic rules of courtesy and respect
  • Handling technology overload and how it impacts incivility in the workplace

What Happened to Civility and Why It Matters

  • The impact of technology in the workplace
  • Understand how changing the focus can impact culture
  • How society has impacted workplace courtesy
  • Learn how toxicity affects employees and your organization
  • Understand the new world of legal disputes and hazards

How to Change Your Work Culture

  • Learn the five childish adult personalities and how to respond
  • Tips on creating behavioral descriptions that target change
  • Establishing legally sound documentation
  • How to tie performance issues to business processes
  • Creating zero-tolerance policies that work
  • How to communicate policies for buy-in and adoption
  • Know when and how to coach or discipline

Collaboration vs. the War Zone

  • How to define a workplace behavior standard
  • How to motivate employees to buy in
  • Tools that help teams cope in challenging times
  • Creating an environment that rewards respect and professionalism
  • How to start small on your team
  • Tips for dealing with pushback and negativity

Setting Realistic Expectations for the Future

  • Understanding how long it takes to implement change
  • Signs that the culture is shifting


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