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From Policy to Practice: Creating Highly Effective Social Media Procedures for HR On-Site Training

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What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

Course Description/Agenda

Virtually everyone uses some form of social media on a daily basis. It has not only changed the way we communicate, but it also has presented an incredible amount of new opportunities for businesses ... from branding to promotions, to increasing sales and customer loyalty, to engaging and empowering employees.

And while social media is an essential part of business today, it also brings a variety of challenges. Challenges that can affect productivity. Challenges that can affect security. Challenges that can affect your company's bottom line.

The key is to maximize the business benefits of social media platforms while at the same time ensuring that employees' use of social media at work or on their own time is neither distracting nor harmful to the organization.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach. The task of creating and implementing internal policies on the constantly evolving social media platforms falls directly on you.

It's your job to develop very clear guidelines for personal and professional social media usage to keep employees, and the company, from potential risk. From Policy to Practice: Creating Highly Effective Social Media Procedures for HR gives you solutions and real-world strategies to help you take control of social media and make it work successfully for your organization.

You'll get up-to-date information to keep you and your organization ahead of the game including:

  • How to draft lawful policies that fit your company's needs
  • Using social media to recruit the best candidates
  • How to use social media to increase communication with employees and customers
  • Regulating social media by employees to reduce legal (and other) risks
  • How to prevent harassment and discrimination claims without intruding on employee privacy
  • Identifying the advantages and disadvantages of using social media

Enroll in the From Policy to Practice: Creating Highly Effective Social Media Procedures for HR workshop and take full advantage of everything social media has to offer ... while learning how to avoid all the pitfalls! Register today and take the first step to a responsible and ethical social media plan!


The Business Case for Social Media

  • Recruiting
  • Building employee engagement
  • Communicating and listening for business intelligence
  • Expanding learning opportunities
  • Providing a knowledge-sharing platform

The Role of HR in Addressing Social Media Use

  • How to draft legally compliant policies
  • Working collaboratively with departments and employees to create sound policies and practices
  • Where to find policy templates
  • Understanding the role of employment counsel in reviewing policies

Pros and Cons of Using Social Media

  • Advantages for your organization in maintaining an active presence on the Web
  • How to assess challenges, including data security and legal liability for employers

Social Media and Hiring Decisions

  • Learn techniques to leverage communities of interest to source and hire global talent
  • Understand the legal implications of social media recruiting, including unauthorized access prohibitions, antidiscrimination/ harassment prevention laws, and background screening laws

Employee Engagement and Learning

  • Using social media to create a true dialogue with employees, customers, and other stakeholders
  • How to meet the needs of Millennial employees who expect collaborative work environments
  • Identifying employees who can serve as social media champions
  • Keys for rewarding the voluntary execution of key social media responsibilities
  • Making radical changes to the way learning happens in organizations through social media
  • Regulating the use of social media by employees to minimize legal and other risk including:
    • Legal distinctions based upon system and hardware ownership
    • The consequences of on-duty vs. off-duty social media access
    • Permitting protected speech
    • Preventing harassment and discrimination claims without intruding on employee privacy
    • Addressing copyright violations, prevailing in ownership disputes, and complying with fair-trade regulations

Obtaining and Using Social Media in Litigation

  • What courts will and won't support by way of discovery requests
  • Understanding prohibitions against fishing expeditions
  • What happens if documents haven't been retained -- spoliation sanctions

Drafting Social Media and Related Policies

  • Social media access rights and responsibilities
  • Confidential/proprietary information protections
  • Dual-use device rights and responsibilities
  • Respectful conduct

Special Sections:

  • Bringing your own device or dual-use
  • Unique issues for public employers


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